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Alice Springs News, Issue 23, July 14, 2011

Kon Vatskalis a stand-up comedian at uranium conference?

hypocrisy of this media release is surely breathtaking: "Resources
Minister Kon Vatskalis will deliver a keynote address to hundreds of
delegates attending Australia’s largest uranium conference this week ...
where [he] will promote investment in the Northern Territory.”

How will he explain to the conference that his government, with
blatant political opportunism, during the run-up to a by-election,
cancelled the exploration licence it had issued to Cameco Australia Pty
Ltd for the Angela Pamela site, after Cameco had spent millions of
dollars there?

How will he explain away the haplessness of that action, given that
Labor had Buckley's chance of winning Araluen, and of course did not?

And how will he explain to the Greenies that, now the by-election is out of the way, he is all in favour of uranium mining?

Is it any wonder we're laughing stock of the nation. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.

Remote air traffic control: another loss of skilled workers in Alice Springs?



The air traffic control tower at the Alice Springs airport, built in
1968, may soon become a relic, and four jobs may be taken out of the

Airservices Australia is planning a trial beginning late next year of
"remote tower technology," allowing controllers to be based elsewhere
in Australia – and conceivably, overseas – working with images and data
transmitted by broadband or fiber optic cable. If the scheduled trial is
successful – in operational terms – will it take skilled people out of
the town? There is a poignant quote from Judith Brett's insightful essay
into the depletion of rural and outback communities (Quarterly Essay
Issue 42), commenting on the effects of the banks' downsizing from their
"imposing historic buildings" in the main-streets: "Rural towns were
dismayed. Since the founding of these towns, banks had brought in new
families: bank managers to join the local golf club and chair
fundraising drives, and tellers to play in the football team and marry
their daughters. Now all they had was an ATM."

The other argument in this context worth keeping an eye on is about
the high speed broadband: Will it bring expertise to the bush, or take
it away?

Photo from Flight Safety magazine.

Itchy feet and big brain

By ESTELLE ROBERTS (MOZZIE BITES is on holidays)   Stuarts Well stole my heart. And kidnapped my imagination. I got big brain, a friend’s term for when...

Last migrations

A soaring bird can take our hearts
with her; in her flight we see an incomparable image of freedom.
Conversely, there is no more potent image of mortal endings than her
fall to earth in death. "Succumbing to gravity" she leaves the airs,
expiring in the space of the earthbound before passing beyond. KIERAN FINNANE looks at Pamela Lofts' compelling series of drawings.

Town camp artists commissioned by Darwin Festival

A 75 metre mural commissioned by the Darwin Festival is keeping Tangentyere Artists busy this week. The painters from Alice Springs town camps are...

Pine Gap: Expose or the official story?

PICTURES: Top – The Pine Gap spy base. Above left: Author David Rosenberg (in sports shirt) pictured presenting a $1000 book voucher to...

Cows' stink? No, it's man made.

By ERWIN CHLANDA   "I suppose that's the cows we can smell here," an interstate friend suggested to me as we were wandering around the Alice...

Letter to the Editor: Leaders in government's pocket?

Sir – The comments by Julia Ross on the Action for Alice advertisements leave me flabbergasted. As we report that Rome is burning, does...

Smug leaders are letting down their town: alderman

By ERWIN CHLANDA   Alice Springs' leaders are a cosy club, a snobbish hierarchy, drinking the same cocktails and dumping on people daring to highlight their...

Local business needs shot in the arm

By ERWIN CHLANDA   The government urgently needs to get behind Central Petroleum's project to produce "ultra clean" diesel from massive coal deposits in the Simpson...

"As long as adults drink, younger people will"

By KIERAN FINNANE June 23, 2011   At the recent forum about young people's dreams for Alice Springs, a schoolgirl asked what could be done about underage...

Coles takes lead against ultra-cheap wine

By KIERAN FINNANE June 23, 2011   The fight against the availability of ultra-cheap wine in Alice Springs has had a win, with Coles Liquor announcing that...
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