Kon Vatskalis a stand-up comedian at uranium conference?


The hypocrisy of this media release is surely breathtaking: “Resources Minister Kon Vatskalis will deliver a keynote address to hundreds of delegates attending Australia’s largest uranium conference this week … where [he] will promote investment in the Northern Territory.”
How will he explain to the conference that his government, with blatant political opportunism, during the run-up to a by-election, cancelled the exploration licence it had issued to Cameco Australia Pty Ltd for the Angela Pamela site, after Cameco had spent millions of dollars there?
How will he explain away the haplessness of that action, given that Labor had Buckley’s chance of winning Araluen, and of course did not?
And how will he explain to the Greenies that, now the by-election is out of the way, he is all in favour of uranium mining?
Is it any wonder we’re laughing stock of the nation. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA.


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