1. Perhaps you should ask Mr Wyatt if there is any benefit in having $1.2 billion in the kitty whilst the living conditions of the people the funds are supposed to benefit apparently get worse and worse?
    For goodness sake, when would be a good time to expend this money for the benefit of those it’s supposed to help, if not now?
    I’m sure the Aboriginal people who would benefit would feel the same way … albeit it is not for myself to say.
    Graeme, why don’t you start a petition? They seem to carry gravitas and can catalyse things on occasions.

  2. It is absolutely time to spend the billion dollars.
    As Mr Smith has said there are a number of Aboriginal programmes that require attention. The money is there! The history proposal for The Bungalow is one of those worthy and necessary proposals. Minister Wyatt holds ultimate responsibility to investigate and initiate ventures.
    Sadly the nebulous response from the minister’s office says it all!
    Substantially there is little interest from Minister Wyatt to do anything!
    His senior advisers are surely generators of that disinterest.
    Words of commitment mean nothing without action.
    The whole scenario is just as fob-off club.
    It will take some very determined people to drag Wyatt and his staff into action.


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