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Motorcyclist in hit and run dies

A motorcyclist who was struck in a hit and run incident in Alice Springs last week has died in hospital interstate, police disclosed this afternoon.

“The five occupants of the vehicle which struck the 47-year-old man, will have their charges upgraded,” says a media release.

“The three youth offenders involved in the incident will appear in court tomorrow.

“One man has been remanded in custody to appear at a later date, and the other man will appear in court on November 3.

“A report will be prepared for the coroner,” says the report.

IMAGE: A Facebook post by prominent local Wayne Thompson who started a donations appeal for the man who died today.


  1. The people of Alice are hurting, seething and terrifyingly mad as hell.
    Gunner will not talk to us, offer any form of leadership show any empathy or accept we have a massive problem with lawless youth and adults.
    The town is in melt down, falling apart and Gunner is slurping laksa in Darwin.
    Where do we go from here? God help us because Gunner and crew won’t.

  2. IMHO while the Commonwealth maintains its apartheid policy approach then significant progress remains difficult and very slow.
    The NT Government is more like a puppet dangling on Commonwealth strings.

    The Land Councils, while doing some good things, avoid accepting their responsibilities to maintain houses, improve rural communities; preferring to pass all hard tasks for NT Government to do under Commonwealth instruction.
    The ongoing apartheid policy approach reduces real education, also real opportunities for those in these rural communities.

  3. I read with interest in the latest Rotary Down Under magazine about a programme in Timor Leste supported by Australian Rotary clubs and Rotary International grants that is doing good work in addressing youth lawlessness in that country.
    How about the three Alice Springs Rotary clubs plus Apex etc. stepping up and developing a similar programme for Alice Springs.
    The model may already be there but just needs a little more community support. Maybe FOCAS can be the model.

  4. What a tragedy! I certainly hope the adult criminals in the stolen car are identified and that photos of them are posted in appropriate places, for future reference.
    In this era of “nations” the Arranta nation deserves an apology from those responsible for the criminals.
    One hopes that the appropriate offending nation indicates its responsibility for the criminal behaviour, its plan to compensate the owner of the car and its sincere condolences to the bereaved family.


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