Youths run from stolen car as man fights for his life after hit and run. Update.


Police have arrested boys aged 13, 15 and 16 and a man aged 19 after a hit and run incident that left a man fighting for his life in the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

They were charged after the vehicle they were travelling in went through a red traffic light, colliding with a motorcyclist.

The vehicle failed to stop at the scene, where the 47-year-old male rider suffered life threatening injuries. The man remains in a critical condition.

The 19-year-old and the youths aged 16 and 13 were arrested when they ran from a stolen motor vehicle which was spiked by a police tyre deflation device on Grevilla Drive late on Thursday, police say.

A fourth person, a 15-year-old boy, was arrested by detectives from the Alice Springs Criminal Investigation Branch late yesterday.

Charges laid include hit and run cause serious harm; fail to rescue and provide help; drive unlicensed.

The four have been bailed to appear before court at a later date. Police continue to conduct inquiries to identify the fifth person who was in the vehicle at the time.

UPDATE Oct 17 @ 4.40pm

Police have charged a fifth person. A 19-year-old man was arrested by detectives at a home in Sadadeen earlier today.

He will appear before the local court on charges including hit and run cause serious harm and fail to rescue / provide help.

The other 19-year-old man, who was arrested and charged by police on Thursday night, was remanded in custody until Monday, October 19.


  1. Bailed? Absolutely insane. Why are we the citizens allowing this to happen?
    Where is Chief Gunner and his loyal say nothing Ministers?
    Get your backside down here man and show some leadership before this town implodes.

  2. About a month ago I think it was I saw a road block along Schwarz Crescent.
    Police were marking the road with chalk and paint or whatever they use.
    There was a detour along Ulpaya Road.
    I don’t know what that was about but surely it’s not good to keep having all these “accidents”.
    Last Wednesday evening along Sturt Terrace in Old Eastside, there was a parked car marked “For Sale”.
    The front end was totally written off.
    Was that another car used for crime or did someone run into it?
    Several weeks earlier before the elections campaign there was another smashed up car on its side and belly in the drain along Smith Street (just between the Lovegrove Drive intersection and Smith Street Trade Centre (SSTC) and on the SSTC side of the street.
    Another stolen car?
    I sincerely hope something is done soon or I will think people (especially newer to town) will not want to stay here as long as once planned.
    I certainly don’t want to have to worry about my car getting highjacked in town and taken on a joy ride.

  3. @ Psuedo Guru: In this column we are doing exactly that, providing a forum for free speech, except when what we receive is libellous, rude, incorrect or in contempt of court.
    In such cases, and they are rare, we usually email the submitter and advise why we have spiked his or her comment.
    Kind regards, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

  4. No doubt, some do gooder will pull the “they had a terrible time as a child” card and we will all forgive them and live happily ever after.
    BTW, would this be a good time to ask if White Lives Matter? After-all, we pay the majority of the bills.
    The disproportionate crime stats show that this is an Aboriginal issue and surely it is reasonable for them (Aboriginal persons) to take responsibility. If they won’t or can’t, they must accept that someone else will and with that they have to accept any punishment is accepted in a graceful manner and not start yelling racism.
    These crimes are continuing and increasing in there seriousness, yet the law or no one provides a working deterrent.
    Ironically, we contribute a portion of our taxes to defend those who commit the crimes against us and we also contribute to the medical expenses of the victims. (Happy to help pay any victims expenses.)
    Go figure!
    None of us are fortunetellers, but if this poor chap doesn’t recover 100% or worse if he passes away, what will the punishment be?
    Sadly, I think we all know what the answer will be.

  5. We know you’re not a fan of him, Wayne Thompson, and I admit, neither am I.
    However, you could have mentioned in a roundabout way the campaign to raise money for the motorbike rider.
    There’s probably a lot of Alice residents who aren’t aware of it and might like to contribute. Possibly you could repost with an update.


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