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No Turnbull Christmas present for CDU

Sir – The Turnbull Government’s capping of the amount it will contribute to universities for student enrolments at 2017 levels for the next two years is a kick in the guts for regional universities such as Charles Darwin University.
Under this proposal CDU expects to lose $5.5m in funding over the next two years.
This is the worst Christmas present possible for a regional university. Regional universities such as Charles Darwin since their creation have streamlined operations while encouraging domestic student growth and offering tailor-made courses suited to the employment of Territorians.
The demand driven model has worked well for the NT. All that progress is now having a severe handbrake applied.
Not only will CDU be expected to tighten its belt, but the decision by the Government to lower the threshold for student loan (HELP) repayments to start at $45,000, down from $52,000 means that many Territorians with young children and mortgages will be expected to pay back their students loans sooner, making it even more difficult to raise a family in the NT.
Many mid-career workers currently or intending to upgrade their skills or adapt to new technologies will also be under pressure financially with the lower threshold repayment. CDU has a significant number of mature age students and the NT has critical staff shortages in certain occupations.
There are economic consequences for the Territory. These decisions fly in the face of the Government’s much trumpeted rhetoric regarding the development Northern Australia.
The announcement by the Government to freeze funding will limit domestic growth in universities such as CDU. Increasingly, there will be a push to attract full fee paying international students for universities to make ends meet.
This announcement is not good news for Territorians who want their university to continue providing opportunity to courses suited for their employment and welfare of their families.
This proposal demonstrates how out of touch this government is with regional Australia.
Warren Snowdon (pictured)
Member for Lingiari
Luke Gosling
Member for Solomon
Malarndirri McCarthy
Senator for the Northern Territory


  1. Long overdue. People from other states would be appalled on how much money is wasted in the NT. The NT owes more money now than in the history of the NT virtually the NT is broke! Far too many people on sit down money and over service to the Indigenous.

  2. Note the complaint by three Labor politicians in the party which created the problem in the first place and did nothing about it.

  3. Charles Darwin University have been led by myopic over-educated commercially ignorant bureaucrats for a decade now, with a focus totally fixed on International students,ever willing to go on overseas jaunts whenever they can create the justification from thin air.
    CDU is happy to employ or retain a plethora of $200,000 per year professors but continuously cull at the coalface the very professional people who deal with the public and local businesses.
    These are the people who really keep the show going but because of rampant overindulgence at the top the Indians are pressed and threatened to succeed with less.
    In the past management have had business entertainment with unlimited spending allowed. $2,000 evenings with the best $80 wines. Credit card approvals were a well known game to approve each other’s bills.
    The notion that CDU, or in fact most Australian Universities, are focussed on the education and development of local school leavers and those seeking to better their opportunities is ludicrous. They only want the overcharged overseas students.
    And finally, the TAFE system is being irreparably raped by being absorbed into the university structures, losing their independence and specialty focus. The notion that academic mumpties can interpret, lead and administer trade focussed training is absurd, and have spectacularly failed wherever attempted.
    The University System including CDU are on a course of self destruction and implosion.

  4. It is sad when you realise that the person who answers a business call does not know how to do it or/and you see a business graduate who cannot give money change without the till. (They are not Aborigines.)


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