NT falling behind in schools funding


p1919warrensnowdonLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – In question time Minister Josh Frydenberg confirmed that funding for NT Government schools will be less than the rate of increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Minister Frydenberg was responding to my question.
This is an admission by the Turnbull Government that in real terms funding for government schools in the NT is not increasing, not remaining the same but is going backwards.
In last month’s Budget are two features impacting on funding for NT public schools.
• National growth for government schools was going to grow by 5% but in the Territory the funding was to grow only by 1.3%.
• The funding growth for NT government schools would not keep pace with the CPI.
This admission confirms the double cut the Turnbull Government’s 2017 Budget has delivered to Territory government schools.
In addition, Territory independent and Catholic schools will not grow to the standard of the national average.
Disadvantage in both the government and non-government sector is not being addressed and the Territory will fall further behind in the years ahead.
Warren Snowdon
Member for Linigiari


  1. So, Warren, what is the real reason behind these decisions to cut funding to NT government schools? Is there an alternative plan in place ready to go? Is there some well advanced national plan rather than a NT plan?
    It seems to me education and particularly education for Aboriginal families living in remote communities is a cash cow that is being politically manipulated through think tanks, universities, selected media releases and spin.
    There is, I believe, evidence that the plan is to widen the gap and disempower further the recipients of the funding.
    We need some truth and restoration. Maybe you could organise a forum where those key personnel who have controlled “education” in the NT come together and present their political work history, including their positions and achievements over the past 30 years.
    I can suggest a list of names of those who could / should participate.
    I would be happy to contribute to this forum using the “Participatory Planning and Accountability Framework for all Stakeholders”, developed at Papunya during the 90s.
    Time for some truth and justice and restorative action.

  2. Reading the comments of Mr Snowdon and Ms de Vere, I can’t help but get the impression that the Coalition’s education Gonski 2.0 is degenerating into a crass political stoush between the major parties over money and which mob in the wider community deserves the biggest pot of gold.
    Down here in Mexico, the stoush is focused on public school funding versus funding the Catholic school system and independent schools. Down here, the Catholic school system has been proven to handle its government funding far more efficiently by 30% differential or so than its public counterpart.
    The Aboriginal community in the NT, especially in Central Oz remote communities, is overwhelmingly in the public school system, is it not?
    Cash cow or not, economically disadvantaged or not, funding for Aboriginal schools is fairly generous by any standards.
    If such a forum occurs as Ms de Vere proposes, should not the priority focus be on how efficiently the funds have been / are spent in the schools?
    Then of course, should we be bickering about the cash fund cow when it is the quality of teaching we should be focusing on?
    All the money in the world is useless if the teachers have inferior teaching skills? Yes? No? The elephant in the room?

  3. Warren, look at how long you have been in your job and stuff all has really changed, except your pension.
    Stop this point and blame someone else mentality that seems to be contagious amongst politicians, this is why people are tuning out. I know it appeases people in your party, but we are sick of it!


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