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A picture tells more than 1000 words: This was released by NT Opposition Leader Gary Higgins this morning …
2454 deficit OK
Based on SA, NSW and WA Mid-Year Budget Review Forecasts for 2017/18.

SA and NSW State Budgets to be handed down 20 June 2017.

WA State Budget to be handed down 7 September 2017.


  1. Whist I don’t like pollies, it would be too easy to blame the Labor Government.
    Perhaps it would be fair to obtain figures from the CLP, then we could get all the pollies in an arena and tar and feather them. Or we could bring previous pollies to account for their actions.
    For whatever reason, governments are run like businesses – the only difference being that in business, the directors can be charged with fraud, mis-appropriation of funds etc.
    It’s only where there is blatant fraud or such, that pollies can be charged. Why not broaden the criteria?
    Perhaps we need to look at the butterfly effect!
    What is alarming, is that when there is a deficit, the taxpayer / ratepayers, elderly or the people who can ill afford to pay more, end up paying more.
    I have often commented on accountability and pollies with guts.
    Perhaps I was not clear in the fact that these two attributes go hand in hand.

  2. What does the fine print actually say?
    [ED – It says what’s printed under the graph.]


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