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Fresh irregularities at Lhere Artepe native title body

1843 abor activists
A new scandal embroiling the local native title organisation Lehere Artepe has come to light with the leaking of a letter from the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC).
Peter Armstrong, the manager of its Regulation Section, points to a string of irregularities earlier this year and in late 2015.
He refers to decisions Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation (LAAC) made without having the right to do so, and the suspension of five members for two years because they have “misbehaved in such a manner that as left this corporation inoperative”.
The sacking decision, announced on April 16 to “all Native Title Holders as Members” was signed, as chairperson, by Rosalie Kunoth-Monks (pictured at top, red dress), a nationally known activist and former actress playing Jedda.
Ms Kunoth-Monks, who lived in Utopia north-east of Alice Springs, was told by community members in May that she was no longer welcome there.
Other signatories were Matthew Palmer and Felicity Hayes.
Says Mr Armstrong: “My view is that the purported decisions set out in the document are not binding on LAAC” nor the Antulye, Irlpme and Mparntwe Corporations – the three moieties making up LAAC.
He says his view is that the directors and members were offered corporation specific governance training “when the special administrations ended on 30 June 2014, however the offers were not taken up at that time”.
Mr Armstrong takes LAAC to task for arranging meetings without being entitled to do so, reinstating an executive officer and making other decisions meetings whilst not being authorised to make those decisions. These included appointing alternate directors and directors of LAE Pty Ltd, a commercial arm of Lhere Artepe which part-owns the three IGA supermarkets.
“Minutes do not record that the chair of the meeting informed those present who were not directors of the corporation that they did not have voting rights at this meeting,” says Mr Armstrong, with reference to one meeting.
“I repeat my earlier advice that LAAC does not have the authority under its rules to call formal meetings for other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island Corporations registered under the CATSI Act.”
ORIC’s current membership list of LAAC names the following: The Antulye, Irlpme and Mparntwe Corporations, and individuals Michael Campbell, Lynette Ellis-Ross, Felicity Hayes, Noel Kruger, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Micah-Jo Laughton, Matthew Palmer, Marilyn Smith and Brian Stirling.
Two of them, Marilyn Smith and Noel Kruger, are on the list of people whom LAAC purported to be suspending for two years.
The Alice Springs News Online is seeking comment from Lhere Artepe and ORIC.
UPDATE September 22, 8:20am
ORIC provided the following statement:
Thank you for your inquiry about Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation.
The information you seek is protected information under Division 604 of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. Therefore we are unable to assist you.
If we take regulatory action in relation to a corporation that action is always disclosed on our website, Searches on our website are free of charge.
Any queries you may have about a corporation should be directed to the corporation or its directors.


  1. More and more this woman rules her way or the high way. To note – four of the people who were suspended also received trespass notices from the LAAC Office instigated by – Guess Who.
    To also note, at least one of those people who signed the suspension of the five people cannot read, and when two were asked, they didn’t know why they signed it, and it wasn’t suppose to be that.
    So, what were they told that they were signing?

  2. On March 19, 2016 Vincent Forrester and Ngarlar Kunoth Monks were nominated as CLC Delegates (Moved Wayne Campbell, Seconded Annette Liddle).
    So you can see how much these people understand white man’s rules – Zilch. No other directors. Vincent was a member of Mutitjulu and was told to leave and with in a few days. This happens because Aunty Rosie lets him in, all illegal.
    Just like the meetings held and organised by Noel Kruger, Chairman of Ilpma Central Land Council when Lesley Tickner was knocked out, a king hit on the road in front of Lhere Artepe office.
    The meeting was never advertised and Louise (Chippy) Miller who chaired the meet was a non member while Noel Kruger sat beside him.
    Marilyn Smith was in attendance plus 20 other non members who voted against us. Now they are crying they have been done wrong what about the way you treated us. Ngarla is illegally on CLC as a delegate.
    She lives out at Utopia representing Alice Springs and Michael Liddle who lives [in Alice Springs] is representing Alyuwarra People.
    These RERESENTAIVES are suppose to be living on the LAND. Michael in the last 10 years was calling himself an Arunta Elder.
    The meeting held at Yulara Pulka to vote people on as delegates has to be declared null and void because of misrepresentations.
    This does not say much for CLC who are supposed to be looking after all Aboriginals, not the chosen few.
    [ED – The Alice Springs News Online has invited the CLC to respond.]

  3. Russell Bray. If you have to use my name in any of your petty arguments, could you please learn to spell it correctly. Furthermore, I ask you to please refrain from involving me in you further comments.
    Just for the record, member or not (of which I am) I was asked by the chairperson at that time, to chair the meeting.
    For your information, I did not cast a vote at that meeting.
    And from what I saw, Lesley Tickner was not king hit at all.

  4. Rosie Monks, where were you born?
    Did you talk for the Native Title?
    Why did you get booted out of your country?
    You said you are related to the Hayes family.
    I’ve known these people all my life and I don’t remember them saying anything about you or your family.

  5. Geez Willy. Why don’t you tell us where you’re from for a change? Where are you apmereke-artweye for?
    The Peltharre/Kngwarraye’s own Tyuretye/Mparntwe and Rose is a direct descendant of those owners.
    You really don’t know that much, do you?

  6. Pelthqrre – or is it another five minute blackfella with a dictionary?
    You haven’t even got the guts of putting your name up!
    Go crawl back under the rock you crawled out from.

  7. Everyone is a “5 minute blackfella” according to you. “5 minutes” also being the amount of time you have spent actually on Arrernte country in the last 30 years.
    Speaking of dictionaries, it wouldn’t hurt for you to learn how to use one, brother!


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