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EXCLUSIVE: Melanka money in hand, start early next year

p2166-Melanka-2By ERWIN CHLANDA
The funds for the $100m Melanka project are available for construction to start early next year, possibly in February, says Paul Masters, a spokesman for the Ainsworth family group.
“Finance has been taken care of, pre-sales are not a factor. The development will go ahead,” Mr Masters said this morning.
A sales office will be set up on the long vacant site in the CBD before Christmas.
And Mr Masters says: “All the trees that can be retained will be.”
He says the plans are pinpointing the trees to be retained, including those sacred for the Arrernte, and he will provide a copy to the Alice Springs News Online.
Asked about the current economic situation of the town, with residential real estate prices declining and many shops empty, Mr Masters says: “We are very committed to the site and it is a good time to build now.”
The low value of the dollar will boost tourism again from overseas and entice Australians to holiday at home.
The family can ride out the slump and even “hold” units and commercial space until buyers can be found.
“This is not going to be a factor in starting it,” he says.
As much as possible local labour and contractors will be used, and the remainder is likely to come from Darwin, not interstate.
The Ainsworth family fortune is based on the manufacturing of poker machines and other recreational gaming devices.
IMAGE above released late last year.


  1. When you think about it, it’s going to bring money into town. Look at the bright side. People will have free entertainment, just looking at the Memo Club. It’s certainly an eye opener.

  2. This is a project that is too big to fail, so should the developers run into financial strife as construction proceeds there are no prizes for guessing who will end up bailing them out – you and I, the taxpayer.
    Remember the Sheratons? Yulara? The State Square Project in Darwin?
    It’s no surprise that those who put their blind faith into projects of this nature specialize in ignoring or disregarding the past but to do so comes always at our peril.

  3. Any update on the Sales office due to be constructed on the site? I know Christmas is three weeks away, but nothing seems to be happening there.
    Also, has the Alice Springs News Online been given the list of trees to be retained? And has this been shown to the various groups representing the traditional owners yet?


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