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Nearly all stage one blocks sold in Kilgariff


Sir – Almost all lots have been sold in Kilgariff Stage 1 and there have already been six pre-sales off the plan in Stage 1B for which the subdivision construction tender closes on May 18.
And a statement entry way to Kilgariff and estate fencing designed by local architect firm Sue Dugdale & Associates is currently under construction with completion expected by June this year.
Once a successful business for 1B is selected, works are expected to begin in June and be completed by the end of the year.
We’ve seen lots of local companies get a slice of work on this project and this tender is another great opportunity for businesses to be part of building Alice Springs’ newest suburb. 1B will provide another 47 single dwelling lots, including two zoned Medium Density suitable for duplex townhouses.
Titles for Stage 1B are expected to be released in January 2016.
Just like the first release, the Land Development Corporation has kept prices down in Stage 1B with lots starting at $160,000.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. The power and importance of dental attributes are too often underestimated in politics.
    True to form, the CLP are dumbly risking electoral oblivion by failing to comprehend this basic psephological truism. They have not yet grasped that it is insufficient to present a leader, who, as Shane Stone observed presciently about John Howard, is just a “lying rodent”.
    The contemporary NT voter wants more for her money than simple lies and rat cunning in a Chief Minister.
    I understand that Adam Giles centralised most of the NTG’s information and communications staff in his own office and department.
    Considering the large public investment being thus made in promoting his image, I think it only fair and proper that these PR flacks at least be able to convey the immensity, sharpness and brilliant whiteness of the Chief Rat’s teeth to greater advantage, by reflecting their actual dazzling dimensions at every available opportunity.
    After all, they were shown to be precisely honed instruments of death when swiftly despatching Terry Mills, most Alice Springs youth services, and the TIO.
    We the voters want to see incisors that cover a decent acreage. Why be content with a wee smile when we could be impressed by fangs the size of the Sydney Opera House’s sails?
    When will taxpayers and poker machine addicts be treated with a panorama of Adam displaying a set of chompers at least the equivalent of those whoppers displayed by Susan Macfarlane on her election posters, like a large meerkat in the grip of a growing wave of hysteria?
    It shows contempt and disrespect towards the electorate for Adam to give us any less than that.

  2. I would like someone to tell me what Adam Giles has done for Alice Springs … it will be a very short story.


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