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Westra van Holthe, Clown King

Sir – The Member for Katherine Willem Westra van Holthe has been unwavering in his support for hydraulic fracturing, to the point where he has been ignoring the concerns of his constituents and other Territorians. Individuials who are opposed to fracking have been treated rudely with disdain. 

While serving as the NT Minister for Mines and Energy, Willem has resorted to calling Territorians who are campaigning against fracking liars, scaremongerers and clowns. 


In his present capacity as Minister for Primary Industries, citizens who have been questioning the government’s banana freckle eradication program are also being referred to by Willem as clowns. 


Willem brought shame upon himself and the town of Katherine with his failed midnight attempt to topple Chief Minister Adam Giles. He turned Territory politics into the laughing stock of the country and himself into the biggest clown of all. 


Adam Giles described Willem to his parliamentary colleages in Alice Springs as being incompetent, so much so he said that Willem couldn’t even get the numbers right for a successful coup. 


After having displayed his treacherous nature to his Leader, it was to the surprise of many people that Willem would be appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister. Adam Giles admitted to having been “ribbed” over this appointment. 


Perhaps Adam Giles had simply taken heed of the old Chinese saying: “Keep your friends close to you but keep your enemy even closer.”

Regardless of the reason for Willem’s appointment, the NT now has a clown for a Deputy Chief Minister.


Bruce Francais



  1. Willem must believe he is protected by the sugarplum fairy the way he continues to make derogatory comments about people who may disagree with him. Election cannot come soon enough.

  2. Willem has upped the money the NT government puts into assessing land condition on pastoral leases.
    It would be good to hear what this work is finding and what action can happen to improve the sustainability of our grazing lands and industry.
    But it seems not even the pastoral station lessees and managers are finding this out. Apparently assessment reports, which show a lot of degraded land (gee, what a surprise!) have been sent back down the department’s hierarchy to the assessors with instructions to revise the reports’ content.
    Maybe Willem thinks it’s the assessors job to “fix” poor land condition. Is he planning to improve land condition by a new coat of paint, maybe a whitewash?


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