Anzac links by hands, hearts and hard drives


p2231-school-air-HarryThey are a long way from Gallipoli – even from Alice Springs – but School of the Air students are honouring the diggers in their own way.
They hand-made poppy fields, paper ones, of course, took photographs of themselves and their families and emailed them to the school where they were joined together to make a quilt, unveiled at assembly this morning.
“The pictures came from dusty tracks, beside waterholes and riverbeds, on desert sand dunes, in station paddocks, beside tractors and utes from far across the NT and as far afield as WA, SA and the Tiwi Islands,” says Jen Standish-White, manager of the school’s visitor centre.
“All the ASSOA families were involved – connected with their hands, hearts and hard drives across the 1.3 million square kilometres that make up our school.”
Meanwhile in Alice the big day tomorrow will start at 6am with the dawn service on Anzac Hill, followed by a cooked brekkie at the RSL.
p2231-school-air-CookMore than 2000 people are expected.
Then the parade will start at the council lawns at 9.30am, make its way up the Mall, cross Wills Terrace to continue on the western bank of the Todd, finishing on top of Anzac Hill for the mid morning service at 10.30.
After that – you guessed it – it will be heads and tails at the RSL – and a beer or three.
PICTURED (from top) are the McKnight Family (Huckitta Station), Harry Bundle (Orange Creek lucerne farm) and the Cook Family (Suplejack Downs).


  1. Today I wont go to the ANZAC services. My father and father-in-law were both in WWII – one in El Alamein and one in Fiji.
    Today I remember that my father tried to help me and my kids and he also tried to help my in-laws.
    However over the years all that he did for us was taken away and given to other family members – including our jobs. They made us live in poverty while the ones that did it got rich.
    With my husband dead in 2002 it and my father giving me a bit of financial help afterwards it seemed it was the cue to hurt us further and take what he gave us from us.
    I note that certain family members had ridiculed my father for what he did. These family members were the ones that got rich on handouts while they left us to suffer.
    Is this what my father and father-in-law fought for. They disrespected both of them and also others who fought in the war to protect their families and try to make sure their families had a better life.


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