Opposition calls for general election


p1819lawriedeliaLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – [There needs to be] a general election to end the dysfunctional CLP circus.
The people of the Northern Territory want a functioning Government and don’t deserve this CLP circus which has made the Territory a laughing stock.
With this latest CLP brawl we’re facing a third Chief Minister and fifth Deputy Chief Minister in just two and a half years.
The CLP has been dysfunctional with internal brawling for two and half years that has regularly spilled over into the public, with leadership changes, Cabinet reshuffles and CLP members walking out of the party.
The Territory deserves a stable Government. Business needs stability for investor confidence, the public service needs stability for crucial service delivery – instead it’s been constant chaos.
It’s time for a general election to let the people decide and get the Chief Minister they voted for – that is true democracy.
Delia Lawrie
Leader of the Opposition


  1. Bring it on! We need an election so the people of the Northern Territory can have our say and stop this game playing.

  2. It will come Delia. Question is, are you actually ready with decent Central Australian candidates? If you’re going to run the usual suspects, you’re wasting your time.
    It looks like maybe Independents are the new thing for us, especially if Robyn Lambley goes that way.
    Hopefully she will show Adam he’s not who he thinks he is – at all.
    One would have thought you have Chancey Peach ready to go in Grateorex. Lost opportunity if not.


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