We don't publish rumours. This is an exception.


We don’t publish rumours. This is an exception. Bear in mind, if you haven’t heard a rumour in Alice Springs by 10am, start one.
The following is a from a pretty good source, quoting from “texts, emails and phone calls flying around at a great rate of knots”.
This is where the rebels, who last night dumped Adam Giles, are at (right now – things are changing by the minute).
If some CLP Members defect, the parliamentary CLP wouldn’t have the numbers to govern.
In The Centre Matt Conlan (Greatorex) was against Giles (Braitling) but is getting cold feet.
Robyn Lambley (Araluen) is firmly against Giles.
Bess Price (Stuart) wasn’t even invited to the meeting last night because she’s known to be solidly behind Giles.
The rebels are talking to Alison Anderson (Namatjira) and her Top End PUP colleague Larissa Lee. Anderson doesn’t like Giles, having called him a little boy.
A week is a long time in government? Try one hour.


  1. Geez Erwin, your rumours are tame compared to ours.
    By lunch time, the word behind the Mulga Curtain was that a certain Minister of the Crown was trying to help out his best mate by giving him another best mate’s high-paying gig in his department.
    It was going to be a devilishly tricky manoeuvre because that would leave the other best mate in the queue at Centrelink.
    But wait! Isn’t there a job going at the moment as big boss of the mob the other best mate had left after a long and illustrious career in the Red Centre?
    Don’t knock me out with a frozen roo tail, it’s only a rumour – but I am happy to discuss it over coffee.

  2. He’s back again. But for how long. Now the coup leader is his deputy. What is going on?
    Do any of these people care about the Territory or is it as it seems, they are just looking after their own ar… oops seats.
    This is dodgy. Can we gave a proper government please. Can we have believable inquiry into corruption?
    The donation rumours from the Foundation 51 slush fund. The questions your paper raised about Giles (what is title at present) free rental car while campaigning. The police business.
    Something is on the nose and it ain’t “perfume creek”. Are we all such big drongos that we can accept the ridiculous goings on in Darwin?

  3. I tried starting a rumour from Rockhampton in Central Queensland – BUT the NT NEWS wouldn’t publish it – but it says “who would think that Robyn had the balls to take on Giles”.
    Pretty well gutsy to say the least.


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