Education funding doesn't add up: COGSO


Sir – Our schools are not better off under the global budget allocations, as promised by the Minister of Education Peter Chandler.
He has not been able to give a clear answer about how the EBA pay increases will be funded. The claim is that the increases have been included in the allocated budgets.
Principals (not councils) received their budget allocations in September.
The EBA agreement was settled in October with no subsequent announcement of and increase to the budget allocations provided. This does not add up!
How can the school have already had funding for an increase in teacher wages before that increase was agreed to?
The Minister’s department has been working with principals all term and together they have left it to the last couple of weeks in the year to share the information with councils.
Was this deliberate so that we would not have a clear picture of the situation to allow a reasonable debate?
Why did we lose money from our budgets when we couldn’t fill a position last year? We still need that position. Why are we being penalised?
Why are senior vacancies only being advertised for term 1? How will that attract quality leadership?
Which classes do we drop to meet the Minister’s budget cuts?
Gerard Reid
President NT COGSO


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