Crack in CLP ranks on alcohol supply


Sir, I welcome the Member for Daly, Gary Higgins, breaking ranks in order to tackle escalating alcohol-fuelled violence in the Territory.
Gary Higgins has joined the growing chorus of voices calling for the CLP Government to hold a Parliamentary Inquiry into alcohol misuse.
Alcohol-fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour has increased to an alarming level in the Territory and our community is suffering.
The CLP’s current legislation is flawed as it has no measures to stop alcohol supply at the point of purchase – a problem that Mr Higgins has recognised is critical to stemming the tide of violence and saving lives.
Mr Higgins has joined the Labor Opposition and Independent MLA Gerry Wood’s call to have a Parliament Inquiry to consider all options to reduce alcohol misuse.
When one of the CLP is breaking ranks and admitting high rates of alcohol-related crime will continue without stronger measures then other CLP MLAs may well follow.
It is time for the Government to allow a bi-partisan committee to call in the experts and stakeholders for advice on dealing with this problem.
The lives of Territorians affected by alcohol are more important than playing politics.
Many Territorians can enjoy a drink without serious consequences; tragically too many Territorians are suffering the dire consequences of having a problem with the drink.
We need to find real solutions.
Delia Lawrie
Leader of the Opposition


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