LETTER: Don't frack up the great Central Australia!


Sir – Reading the Alice News every week, I am constantly disappointed in reading how the social fabric is far from improving.
Week after week, the main article is the good old alcohol abuse, followed by the known outcome of such abuse.
This problem of course is not new.
Since first moving to Alice in 1968 and moving out in 1999, the problem has been on the rise. This however will remain as long as those in charge bury their heads in the sand and keep on forking the money out thinking this will solve the problem.
So, you have to ask yourself what next.
Well, after reading the article by Bob Taylor dated March 21, I now Fracking know.
Now living in Colorado USA in Weld County, along Interstate 25, 22 miles North of Denver, we are in the middle of Oil country, Rigs, Pumps plus those Fracking units peppering the country side.
It is the sort of thing you take for granted, nothing out of the ordinary until you hear where some home owners are complaining about their water catching on fire. Simply put, they turn on the kitchen tap, strike a match near the water and up she Fracken go’s!
I can assure you it is something to see, however it is not something you want to smell.
For some time now there have been complaints about the gas smell in various locations throughout the region. This they say is caused by the Fracking, forcing the gas through cracks in the surface and at the same time pushing it into the water table.
I have included a few links to various articles relating to the Fracking. All of these should be taken seriously especially the article regarding the amount of water used in the Fracking procedure.
Then there are the chemicals used. If they start pumping this stuff into the Great Artesian Basin then who knows what will happen.
Having lived in the Alice I am fully aware of how fragile the eco system is and the damage that could occur if the oil companies are given a free reign.
If the links will not work, there are many articles can be found by typing Weld County CO Fracking. You will come across many articles, some for and most against.
I agree with Bob Taylor, Be Careful with Fracking! You have the greatest landscape in the world, Don’t Frack it up!
Jim Cleary


  1. Well done Bob Taylor and well done Jim Cleary of Colorado. The fracking industry appears to be quite hunky dory at a superficial glance and even a risk worth taking but the speed at which the industry is conducting its business is cause for real alarm. Thanks Erwin.


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