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Whitegate: nation born under a tin shelter?



Meeting under a tin shelter at 40 degrees, Whitegate residents decided to take their plight to the United Nations, the USA, UK, Russia and the European Union. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Price turns back on Whitegate after using it in her election campaign: Lawrie




Opposition Leader, Delia Lawrie, says government frontbencher Bess Price (pictured) "was happy enough to use traditional owners connected to the Whitegate families in her election advertising two years ago, but now she will take no action to ensure these people get the water turned back on and their land tenure issues resolved.”

Whitegate row headed for national attention?

 p2148-Whitegate-womenSMComments at a protest rally this morning by residents of the Whitegate camp and their supporters made it clear they are set to seek national attention for the NT government's plans to close the settlement on the town's fringe. PHOTO (seated, from left) – Felicity Hayes, Theresa Ryder, Leonie Palmer and MK Turner. Behind Ms Ryder is Ursula Nicholoff-Johnson. Jack Hayes (with hat). At right in the photo are Natalie Wasley, Rod Moss and Kat Hope (with baby). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Water for Whitegate, protest rally to target Bess Price



Water for the embattled Whitegate camp, courtesy Lhere Artepe, and on Monday a rally outside the office of MLA Bess Price against the eviction of the camp's residents who've been there for decades. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Felicity Hayes and Whitegate's water tank.

Bess Price washes her hands of Whitegate


Community Services Minister Bess Price this afternoon denied having any responsibility for the embattled Whitegate camp. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

'Felicity ain't moving'

p2142-Whitegate-Rod-1SM"She is not moving. She is fighting mad." She is Felicity Hayes (second from right), and the place she's not moving from is Whitegate where her extended family has lived for generations although by white law it is still no more than a squat. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: Rod Moss.


The cutting times


A new volume of memoir and reflection on his art by Rod Moss has been published this week by UQP. Titled tellingly One Thousand Cuts, it bleeds grief, as violence, disease and death ravages his circle of Arrernte friends and at times leaves Moss reeling. The country becomes his “safety net” into which he leans to find joy and consolation. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.


At right: And dark was the night, 2009. A few days later the candle-bearer would stab his young wife, whom Moss shows here with their young son,  11 times.

Digging for charba



The midday sun parched our faces, burning the backs of our necks and
scalps as our crew ventured out into the bush behind Undoolya, on a very
particular mission – digging for witchetty grubs. Us youngsters stood
in the tray of the ute, while the grownups – Rod Moss, Eva and Julie
Hayes from Whitegate – held the cabin. Kangaroo tails, matches and two
crowbars were all I thought we needed. I excitedly sang pop tunes to the
boys – my partner Shaan from Melbourne and young Kaylum also from
Whitegate – as we held onto the rail of the roof, but the sound was
muted by the blasting wind, as the dirt track’s rocky ride bumped us up
and down the corrugation. PHOTO: Digging without crushing the roots and damaging the grubs: Eva Hayes shows how.
MOZZIE BITES turns hunter - gatherer.

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