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Happy women's day, Mr Stuart!



The message of the gun-toting statue of explorer John McDouall Stuart was softened for today by a pink parasol and skirt in acknowledgment  of International Women's Day.

Where to now for council and Stuart statue?



What should the Alice Springs Town Council do about the clearly expressed wish by Arrernte people associated with Akeyulerre Inc, an Arrernte healing centre on Stuart Terrace, to remove the statue of explorer John McDouall Stuart just across the road? Should they begin by responding to an open letter, addressed to Stuart but forwarded to the Mayor and elected members in the hope of a "very respectful discussion"?  KIERAN FINNANE reports.


Quigley Down Under?



“I like it. I see he’s got a long rifle. He looks like Quigley Down Under,” says Natalie Madrill, taking photos of her children, Ethan and Keithan Reiff, who have climbed onto the base of the statue in the park on Stuart Terrace. Council plans to add signage identifying the statue  will also acknowledge its donation by the Freemasons, despite council footing the $70,000 bill for its installation. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Stuart statue competes against a light pole



It's up – but not quite. There's still a bit of work to be done. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

‘Gift’ costs ratepayers $75,000



p2140-Stuart-statue-base-frIt was supposed to be a gift to the ratepayer from the Freemasons. Now the John McDouall Stuart statue is going to cost the town $75,000. Work has begun on the base: the concrete needs to cure for 28 days before loads can be applied. KIERAN FINNANE reports.



Council: Town plan, youth buckpassing, statue, waffling



It came as a surprise to the town council that the government has started work on a new town plan. A swing (pictured) for disabled children will be installed in a park, the Freemasons are mum on the John McDouall Stuart statue but it will be installed anyway, and Cr Kudrenko fired a broadside at last night's meeting at the government over passing the buck on youth services. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Let's say sorry to Mark Egan


It is possible to feel a bit of sympathy for Mark Egan. He was asked to create a statue of John McDouall Stuart for the Freemasons, who in turn gifted his work to the Alice Springs Town Council. Then Mark became involved in a tawdry political affair.

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