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Happy women's day, Mr Stuart!

p2313-Women's-Day-StuartThe message of the gun-toting statue of explorer John McDouall Stuart was softened for today by a pink parasol and skirt in acknowledgment  of International Women’s Day.
In Alice Springs the day was celebrated  at Stuart Park in an event organised by Tangentyere Council’s Women’s Safety Group in partnership with the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter. The whole community was invited and many responded, black and white, women and men, girls and boys.
The atmosphere was festive, with the police presence seeming superfluous: the crowd was more focussed on chatting together and enjoying the music, stalls, food and activities for children.

– Kieran Finnane



  1. There is a saying doing the rounds of Facebook at the moment: “The Left: Those tolerant, open-minded, inclusive, peaceful, superior beings. So long as you don’t hold a different opinion. Then you have no right to be heard, no right to assemble, basically, no right to anything but to be forced to agree with them or be shut down.”
    Disrespect breeds disrespect. Little by little, people learn to distrust and dislike those who harass others and their ideas.
    It is better to treat people holding different ideas (and who erect statues) as friends than adversaries, because the making of friends and enemies is very much in your own hands and so are the consequences.
    On Sundays I sometimes attend Mass with my best friend. That is not my faith, but I do not desecrate statues of the virgin Mary. I can therefore respect myself and sleep well at night. I urge you to try tolerance.

  2. It seems to me that erecting a statue of the man holding the gun that he or his men used to unjustifiably shoot and kill family of some of our long term locals is very much an example of disrespect.

  3. @Warren Who?
    My research tells me that is not the case. Had it been so, I would not be tolerant of such a statue.
    It would be best if you also did your own research rather than condemn Mr Stuart out of hand.
    As for holding a rifle – if you do not approve of hunting for food then a permanent protest should be held outside each and every supermarket and any outlet that sells meat or chicken.
    I am a vegan but do not comment on what others should or should not eat.


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