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Service club battles tyranny of distance

By ERWIN CHLANDA The Rotary Club of Alice Springs Education Fund pumps close to $22,000 a year into tertiary education of local young people studying...

Rotary changes lives the world over, two drops at a time

By ERWIN CHLANDA Donning an apron and frying snags to raise money for charity is the glue that holds a small community together. The members of...

A national scoop for ultra remote town

By ERWIN CHLANDA Its extreme remoteness – four hours north-east of Alice Springs – hasn’t stopped Ampilatwatja, population 500, from plugging into a national initiative...

Bangtail Muster: Celebrating the ocean, far away from it

2635 Bangtail 16 SM


Watching a parade is one of the passions of Alice Springs people and yesterday's Bangtail Muster staged by the Rotary Club of Alice Springs attracted thousands. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE 12 noon

Trachoma campaign in Centre part of ending Australia's shame

2621 trachoma pic 1 SM



“With every kid’s face clean, trachoma would disappear by the end of the year.” This is the blunt and urgent message of EndTrachoma by 2020 which opened a community laundry in Santa Teresa this week. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Alice club a powerhouse of charity work

2562 Henley on Todd SM



Financial support for young students is a key objective for the Rotary Club of Alice Springs, 40 years old and a collaborator with the other two Rotary clubs in staging the iconic Henley on Todd "regatta" (pictured). ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Students the winners in Rotary's Melbourne Cup sweep

2495 Melbourne Cup Sweep SM



Rotary Club of Alice Springs sells about 10,000 for charities supporting local tertiary students. PHOTO: Yesterday's draw in the Yeperenye Centre.


Aussies beat Yanks in Americas Cup. Vikings scare.

2468 Henley on Todd race SM



The Henley on Todd is heading for 100 in 44 years' time with its outback cheek fully intact. Story and video by ERWIN CHLANDA explain why.


Rotary, Purple House allies in fighting illness

2463 Sarah Brown, Ian Riseley SM



Rotary International president Ian Riseley and Sarah Brown, nurturing links: A global service club which has helped to largely eradicate polio world-wide, and a Territory NGO dealing with spreading kidney disease. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


Walkers keeping an eye on it

2457 Rotary walkers 1 SM


Inaugural money raiser promising to become a new outdoor attraction. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO (from left): Bec Smith, Anna Huigen, Nick Tyllis, Michelle Liu (the eye), eye surgeon Dr Tim Henderson, Bill Palmer, Ernie Richards and Neil Ross.


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