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The 'tough gig' of doing things the right way

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In a unique partnership, Doris Kngwarraye Stuart and artists Dan Murphy and Lucy Stewart have been conducting tours of Mparntwe’s sacred sites for the past nine years, mainly for artists, to inform and inspire their creative endeavours in response to this country.  KIERAN FINNANE reports on the legacy, on show at Watch This Space.

Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts




Doris Kngwarraye Stuart has been awarded the annual Lofty "for deepening understanding, contributing to and extending the contemporary cultural conversation in Central Australia and beyond.” KIERAN FINNANE reports.

Can public art policy deliver common sense?




The Town Council has received $120,000 over three years to develop an arts and cultural policy and fund a program of works, but would policy have ensured visibility for this piece of public art, asks KIERAN FINNANE.


The fertile space between us



Alice Springs is often seen as a town beset by racial division and conflict, but its creative culture, looking back over three decades, can tell a different story, writes KIERAN FINNANE.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4 




Finding the songs left to sing


Art or cunning?, a contemporary sculpture show at Watch This Space, is a pleasure to behold, like the sight of a wide deep bay or river after leaving the desert. To walk into the gallery animated by objects of intrigue, there in the space like other bodies that engage yours, to make your way around them, to feel the attraction of their forms, their varied materials, the push and pull between them, is to realise that you’ve been missing this kind of experience.

What is immediately striking is the distinctness of the works on show, particularly in relation to materials and construction. There’s a phrase in the title of one that suggests something about the artists’ processes: “Everybody can’t have thought of everything.” So they set out in search of the “song left to sing”. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.

Pictured: "There's gotta be some left to sing, everybody can't have thought of everything" Gillian Welch by Sia Cox. 

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