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Alice Solar City – over to you


Alice Solar City has closed its doors for the last time after five years but the journey has only just begun, says the NGO's general manager, Sam Latz: “What’s next is up to the collective vision of the community.” And Mayor Damien Ryan says the enthusiasm and momentum created by the project are an opportunity "to grow our use of solar and smart energy technologies.” PHOTO: At the opening of the Uterne solar power station in July 2011: Mr Latz (at right) and Mayor Ryan (third from left).

Government to boost help for alcoholics




A series of amendments to the Territory’s Alcohol Mandatory Treatment legislation will strengthen and re-enforce the Government’s ground-breaking measures to help problem drinkers fight addiction, writes Robyn Lambley, Minister for Alcohol Rehabilitation.

DASA mum on sudden resignation of CEO

The Drug and Alcohol Services Association (DASA) is not answering enquiries from the Alice Springs News Online about the sudden resignation of its CEO, Paul Finlay (pictured), last Friday. The News has left messages with the organization, whose funding comes mainly from government sources, with most senior staff members and the management board. One reliable source  confirmed Mr Finlay’s resignation and that Eloise Page is the acting CEO. And board treasurer, Miranda Daniels, said “DASA will make no comment on the issues”. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. See UPDATES.

Chief Minister fails to answer critics of alcohol reform



The NT Chief Minister has again revealed his ideological rejection of evidence-based alcohol policy in the NT. Adam Giles’ failure on the ABC’s Lateline last Thursday to nominate a single expert who supports the CLP’s Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) Bill, particularly the criminalisation of drunkenness, shows an astonishing resistance to evidence, writes Dr. John Boffa (pictured), of the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition (PAAC).

Town Council black spot mad dash for cash?

How interesting that councillors are critical about the safety of the new pedestrian crossing near Heavitree Gap but have called for tenders to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Sturt Terrace and Undoolya Road, which also has obvious flaws, and is also to be funded to the tune of $300,000 from the Federal Black Spots program. COMMENT by ALEX NELSON. PHOTO: The troubled Milner Road roundabout, being repaired after an accident.

Chandler to set up enquiry into builders' insurance



Housing Minister Peter Chandler (pictured) is setting up an enquiry into the home buyers' insurance scheme, the Fidelity Fund, which he says appears to be "not as good as we had first hoped". He says he is responding to builders, especially small ones, who have voiced strong concerns, including many in Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Government to increase Alice water allocation



The Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan is back to the drawing board following comments by Councillor Steve Brown in the Alice Springs News Online and the Council Chambers in April, with large allocations for industrial purposes and a reduction of the current projected life of the aquifer from over 300 to 200 years, writes Jimmy Cocking (pictured), of the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

Jurrah pleads guilty to assault, gets six months

Liam Jurrah, former star AFL footballer, was led from court in handcuffs this afternoon after receiving a sentence of six months for his part in the joint assault on Jillian Brown outside the 24 Hour Store in the early hours of March 28 this year. The sentence will be suspended after he serves three months. Two other charges of aggravated assault against Mr Jurrah were withdrawn, as was a charge of causing serious harm. KIERAN FINNANE reports.

PHOTO: Liam Jurrah is pictured with his grandmother, Cecily Granites, waiting outside the court today, ahead of  his sentencing.

NT has most secretive government in Australia



The CLP promised they would be open and accountable. Gagging the Auditor General makes them the most secretive Government in  Australia and the Northern Territory’s history, writes Michael Gunner, Shadow Minister for Government Accountability.

Someone is going to die at this crossing, say councillors

UPDATE, June 12, 2013, 4.40pm: Go to FULL STORY to read an extract of the emailed account of a "near fatal accident" Cr Martin sent to her fellow councillors on the night of June 6.


It is only a matter of time before someone will be killed at the new pedestrian crossing just south of Heavitree Gap, councillors told MHR Warren Snowdon last night. Deputy Mayor Liz Martin said she has seen children jumping from the top of the ramp wall onto the highway and also observed a "near fatal accident" involving a triple road train, which could have claimed many lives. KIERAN FINNANE reports on this and other council news.


A place to go to be made well again





A gripping inma – dance – by traditional healers  – nangkaris – today opened the $25m new hospital emergency department in Alice Springs with a story that will unfold there many times in reality: Mothers bringing their sick children to a place where they can be made well again. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Finke: The race in which the town is always the winner


The Finke, that grand fest of competitiveness, local can-do, fun and mateship is over again for a year, a boost not only to the town's self-esteem – at times short in supply – but also its coffers.

VIDEO: Hayden Bentley from South Australia limped home with a sick engine but still became the outright winner of the cars and buggy section of the 2013 Tatts Finke Desert Race.
The solo driver's time over the 226 km day two section was 01:52:49, a minute and 10 seconds ahead of Victorians Shannon and Ian Rentsch.
Mark Burrows and Colin Hodge, from NSW, were in third place in 01:56:27.
The first locals across the line were Andrew Moles and Matthew Ryan, in 9th place, coming second in the Prolite class in 02:00:48.

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