Big stories in the News over our first quarter century


Major discussion about the Alice sewage treatment plant 25 years ago but meaningful upgrade still not in sight.

ERWIN CHLANDA wrote the Alice Springs Sewerage Dossier between October 4, 1995 and February 12, 1997 and October 4, 1995.

While – unsurprisingly – the financial numbers are out of date, the majority of the context remains mostly current.

That includes the flagrant waste of water, the inappropriate use of potentially prime real estate, the failure to keep up with global advances in recycling, the impact on residential as well as some industrial development which could resolve the town’s shortages.

People seem to have become used to the stench across the Blatherskite park fence. 1000 Ulysses bikers say their 2014 national function will be retained in their memory as the stink rally.

We used the text of the dossier, 4446 words, to start off our online archive which now includes some eight million words.

The many other fully searchable references include the massive allocation for water at Singleton north of Alice Springs where the Government is “in deep”.

The sewerage plant measures more than two square kilometres, is freehold and unencumbered by native title.

The land is owned by the NT public via its sole shareholder, the Treasurer.


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