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Candidates speak with the Alice Springs News

Here are our main interviews and stories by our reporters, in the lead-up to the Town Council election on the 28th of this month.

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KIM HOPPER: Survey reveals the town’s likes and dislikes.

PATRICK BEDFORD: Hands-on tourism boss in bid for Mayor.

MARLI BANKS: Complete current projects instead of starting new ones.

ELI MELKY: Five to four block votes a thing of the past.

MICHAEL LIDDLE: Making sense of the rules for two worlds.

MARK COFFEY: Candidate has background in high finance, law & order.

BLAIR MACFARLANE: A career battling the problems with the kids.

Will elections finally fix council’s skate park mess?

KIM HOPPER: Well-scoring Independent in Braitling now shoots for Mayor.

KIM HOPPER to run for councillor only.

MATT PATERSON would be a RRR Mayor.

PATRICK BEDFORD: Voting blocks out, partnerships in.

JIMMY COCKING: Masterplan idea but no costed projects.

JAMES DASH: James ready to do his Dash.

Farewell 13th Town Council.

KIM HOPPER: Recycling should be the fourth R for council.

Council turns back on promising youth initiative.

Kids: See them as our future, not a threat.

JAMIE DE BRENNI quits, may flip numbers in Council.

ALLISON BITAR: Council needs more women and more younger people.

Alice needs Mayor with optimistic vision: CDU.

EDITORIAL COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA: It is the people’s election.

Mayor Ryan blocked fracking motions: Green group.

Staff shortages a worry for council youth programs, pool.

MARLI BANKS: Time for a change of the old guard.

MATT PATERSON stands for Mayor.

STEVE BROWN: Racial divide is the major issue.

Mayor, deputy keep distance from COVID.

Councillors split on bullying in chambers.

Council green waste: Operation successful but patient critical.

Deputy Mayor fiddles while Alice burns.

EMILY WEBSTER: Let investments talk in climate debate, say Greens.

AARON BLACKER: Make Alice not just a stepping stone, but a destination.

TOURISM CENTRAL AUSTRALIA: Tourism in strife, but hopefully not for long.

Preference calculators are working up a sweat.

Cattlemen, town council, more in common than meets the eye.


  1. Thank you for your coverage so far of the council election. I seem to recall in a previous election year the Alice Springs News published an overview of all the council candidates. I remember using this to inform my vote when I was new to town!
    I have heard a few people express confusion about who to vote for as they don’t know what the stand for and finding info on candidates who are not running for mayor tricky.
    Will you have capacity to provide readers with a summary of each candidate’s priorities for this upcoming election?
    Fitzpatrick St, Eastside

  2. Hi Estelle: Yes, we’re doing it.
    Just google the candidates’ names (use the search box under the masthead) and you will find that we have profiles for nearly all of them.
    A couple are still to come.
    Click on any of the headlines above and the full stories will pop up for you.
    We also have advertising from several candidates. Clicking on the ads will take you to their websites.
    You will find the two lists of candidates here.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor, Alice Springs News, Petrick Road, Alice Springs.


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