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Cattlemen, town council, more in common than meets the eye


Youth crime and illegal dumping of rubbish are two of several issues were the town council and pastoralists could better work together, according to David Connolly (pictured), president of the Cattlemen’s Association.

He says he is continuing with a scheme initiated by his predecessor, Chris Nott, from Alcoota Station, providing jobs with cattle on stations for young people in trouble with the law.

“And I’m not using the word Aboriginal,” he says.

This would be paid jobs, “and we would show them what hard work and living cleanly is all about”.

The impact of petty crime in town is no less a problem for cattlemen than towns people because prices of goods are increased as a result of vandalism and theft in the region’s “service hub”.

This would be an answer also to the growing problem of locking up kids.

Mr Connolly says: “It remains the purview of the NT Government to enforce the law, but the council has a role to play in both directly supporting the business community and advocating for improved law enforcement.”

He says dumping rubbish on pastoral land “offers significant dangers, not just to the health of pastoral stations, but those who live on them as well.

“Increases in penalties for dumping and targeted enforcement of instances where it occurs are required to mitigate this damage.

“The dumping of incendiary materials – including gas bottles and tyres – is a real threat to human and animal welfare and a commitment from the Mayor to work to remove this waste and prevent these actions is required by the pastoral sector.”

Mr Connolly also says the council needs to advertise temporary road closures more clearly as it’s not a lot of fun turning around a road train full of cattle in a road that’s suddenly become a cul-de-sac.


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