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Matt Paterson stands for Mayor

Councillor Matt Paterson announced this morning that he is standing for Mayor, the fourth sitting member of the 13th council to do so.

He says in a media release that growing up here “was a unique and wonderful experience for me” and he wants the same “for my two children, this generation and for generations to come”.

He says the town has an “incredibly intelligent population” but also  “unique challenges” without going into details.

In 2020 he presented the MyAlice Voucher Scheme that initially wasn’t supported by the Alice council, missing the opportunity of being a “leader across the country,” but eventually following Darwin and others and with an investment of $200,000 “putting over $2.8m back into the economy,” he says in the release.

PHOTO: Cr Paterson (middle) with fellow mayoral candidates Eli Melky (right) and Jimmy Cocking. Cr Catherine Satour is at left.


  1. Congratulations, Matt.
    Please outline the changes you will make in the Council and for our town.
    One specific concern: Those ugly Hartley St lights.
    Will you break the impasse between elected members and the council bureaucracy and get them removed or replaced?


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