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Marli Banks for Mayor: Time for a change of the old guard.


Outspoken Town Council member Marli Banks has announced she will be standing for Mayor at next month’s local government elections.

“It is time for a fresh start and a change of the old guard,” she says in a media release.

The businesswoman and mother is one of the three female members serving on the 13th council.

She says she champions transparency, regional planning and the development of community projects, “committed to working towards outcomes that will directly benefit Alice Springs and the region more broadly.

“As the first female to put a hand up for Mayor, I am standing because I believe that strong leadership is not defined by gender, but rather through our actions,” she says in the release, seeking “to restore the community’s trust in the council by ensuring that community-led solutions are integrated into the council process”.

She says “more can and needs to be done by the council to tackle issues surrounding community safety.

”Every effort must be made to ensure that all residents feel safe in public areas and at home, and business owners can refocus and start rebuilding without the extra risks and costs associated by antisocial behaviours.

“When we work together, we can achieve great things.

“There needs to be a coordinated focus on regional development and master planning.”

Cr Banks says projects she has worked on to date include the public library redevelopment and youth hub, public water playpark, and existing master plans such as the sports and public art master plans.

She says she has also worked to ensure continued support for community oganisations such as the Arrernte Boxing Academy and Red Tails/Pink Tails Right Track program.

“As Mayor I will put the needs of Alice Springs first, engage locally and ensure that all in our community have the opportunity to come on this journey together.”


  1. Congratulations Marli, your candidacy for mayor is most welcome.
    As an outspoken councillor, not content with being constrained by the old structures at the council, you deserve a run at the top job.
    Your election as mayor would truly represent a changing of the guard.

  2. I am not sure I understand the “As the first female to put a hand up for Mayor” because Fran Kilgariff was mayor in 2000.
    Nonetheless, I think both Marli and Eli would make suitable Mayors.
    [ED – Yes, Surprised, and so was Lesley Oldfield. The remark is no doubt with reference to the nomination this time ’round.]

  3. Alice needs a Charles Bronson, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or a Mae West to ride into town, elect themselves as mayor, bang their fist on the council chamber desk and announce: “This is how its going to be and if you don’t like it, the Ghan heads north and south anytime you are ready to leave, and let me remind you, you were part of the towns problem.”
    HEEEE, HAAAAAR. A bit of humour to get your teeth into.


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