Deputy Mayor fiddles while Alice burns



Despite lots of unfinished business in Alice Springs its Deputy Mayor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price continues to dabble in national and international political issues.

This time she is raising money for battling the Greens and Get Up! and their debates about climate change – words she puts under inverted commas in a fundraising letter – and their identity politics whilst “turning a blind eye to the real threats to our security and prosperity, such as the increasingly belligerent and militaristic Chinese Communist Party and high energy prices”.

Cr Price is collecting for Advance Australia whose mottos are about as articulate as she is: “Push back on issues like political correctness, raids on your superannuation, activists trying to move Australia Day and so many other issues.”

The radical Left is also her target in a bid to raise $350,000 by the end of the month.

The reported wannabe NT Senator, in her letter that’s strong on dog whistling and devoid of coherent argument, does not say whether she expects a slice of the donations, just saying it’s for “pre-federal-election activity efforts … by equipping your fellow Australians to impact our nation’s leaders and protect your freedom, security and prosperity”.

So far the only people who have ever elected her to a political office, Alice Springs residents, are getting the short end of her straw.


  1. Confused why Jacinta needs help to take back control from the Greens, isn’t it her Liberal / Coalition government in power?

  2. I suspect Jacinta’s message will not get to many people who may share her beliefs on climate change. For a start, she’d have to get them to pull their heads out of the sand.

  3. Millions of years ago Australia had a large inland sea, where has it gone?
    Would it be the result of continuing “climate change?” 2021 continues to experience “climate irregularities” that has absolutely nothing to do with human involvement.
    I’m a believer of “climate change” as explained above but not for the reasons the critical left are espousing. Jacinta keep up the good work and stay true to your people, the black and white right of Australia.

  4. The moon landing was staged in Holywood. The Shoah never happened. The earth is flat. Elvis is alive. Rabbit Proof Fence is entirely fictional. Three hundred-year floods in a decade is pure coincidence.
    A bird with two left wings or two right wings cannot fly.


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