Lambley trouble started six months ago, says Alliance (updated)



Member for Araluen Robyn Lambley was told by the Territory Alliance she is being expelled “because your conduct is detrimental to the interests” of the party, a problem that is now being revealed had started well before the August election.

Mrs Lambley, the only candidate to win a seat for the party, announced yesterday she was sitting as an Independent again. At the election she defeated Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan.

The letter sent to Ms Lambley, released by the party to the Alice Springs News, says the reason for the expulsion “is that your behaviour during the campaign and since the election is inconsistent with the culture and constitution of Territory Alliance.

“[It] is primarily focussed on making a positive change to governance in the Northern Territory.

“Good governance starts at home which includes upholding the standards and rules of our own constitution. As you have actively disregarded the Territory Alliance constitution your conduct is considered to be detrimental to the interests of Territory Alliance.

“The culture of Territory Alliance is all about honesty, accountability, transparency, mutual respect and being a genuine team player. That is why we do not engage in negative campaigning.

“Our goal is to influence the political paradigm from the current one in which politicians are not believed or trusted to one where politicians are valued as community leaders.

“Your behaviour over the last six months demonstrates that you are not an appropriate fit for Territory Alliance.

“From the beginning you said you joined Territory Alliance because of Terry Mills [the party leader who lost his seat], rather than the values of the party.

“Sadly, your behaviour has repeatedly demonstrated that original approach and until now you have not demonstrated any effort to align with the culture and constitution of Territory Alliance.

“A decision on this matter will be made at a meeting to be held this Sunday at 8pm.

“At the meeting you will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to make representations in writing. You may not be represented by another person.”

The email is signed Danial Kelly, Secretary, Territory Alliance and carries yesterday’s date.

Mrs Lambley said in a media release yesterday: “Against my better judgement I undertook to remain in the party for a few months to allow the dust to settle to see what happens.

“However it now seems like a good time to resign.

“I am relieved and very happy to sit in the NT Legislative Assembly as an Independent again, and to put the whole Territory Alliance debacle behind me.

“The only thing that is important to me is serving the people of Alice Springs.”

PHOTO: Campaign picture with leader Terry Mills and candidate Dale McIver (at right) which conceals early ructions in the party now coming to light.

UPDATE 11.20am

Mrs Lambley hit back at her erstwhile party colleagues saying “no one from Territory Alliance has ever raised any of these ridiculous issues with me.

“Pointing fingers, blaming individuals and going public on such nonsense is not going to achieve much. Territory Alliance was an experiment that failed.

“There were a lot of good, hard working people involved in Territory Alliance whom I have enormous respect for. Most of these people have also walked away,” Mrs Lambley says in a statement to the Alice Springs News.

“I am greatly relieved that this chapter has now ended for me, and I can entirely focus on Alice Springs and the critical problems facing our community, as the Independent Member for Araluen.”


  1. Her behaviour?
    If it wasnt for Robyn, TA would not have even raised a ripple.
    Oh well, another party we watch come and go.


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