Big lay-offs at Lasseter complex


The big Lasseter operation, embracing the casino, hotel accommodation, restaurant and convention centre, has laid off 155 casual employees, 45% of its workforce.
Manager Craig Jervis says this has been done on the basis of no shifts available. Workers can expect to be called back in again when the sharp downturn caused by the Coronavirus comes to an end.
“We need to remain viable and look after our permanent staff,” he says.
All conventions between now and October have been cancelled, and the Alice Springs Cup in early May will be run without a crowd.
“Known cancellations” now amount to about $2m. To this will need to be added the loss of business from people who were going to book.
The lay-offs are across the entire operation.
Mr Jervis says Lasseters is cranking up its buying locally policy to support local businesses.
Image from the Lasseters website.


  1. Lasseters was built to attract international tourists but as we know its main clients are Aboriginal.
    It is a major attractant for people on remote communities who come to town to drink and gamble.
    The possibility of infection with COVID-19 will not deter them in the slightest.
    Careless of health risks they will be congregating in large groups and playing the machines, some of which will inevitably become contaminated with COVID-19.
    It is sad to see job losses at the casino but it needs to be shut down both to remove a town attractant and reduce COVID-19 transmission.
    This is just one of the difficult but necessary measures that need to be taken to prevent a health disaster for Aboriginal people.

  2. Casual staff are always first to go. No wonder they are not loyal to a employer always.
    The Casino does not need to shut down. People need to be responsible for their own actions. Aboriginals included. But if the Casino expects loyalty from the locals then they need to support them.
    Lately they have trimmed down the rewards program so much it’s not worth going and payouts seem a lot worse.
    Look after your locals and they will look after you. This applies to the hotel area of the complex also.

  3. Unfortunately I have to agree with Peter’s comments but with a bit more information.
    Aboriginal people and workers from remote communities do enjoy a weekend at Lasseters, it’s because while living remote is great we all need a break every month or so.
    I do think Lasseters should develop some strategies fast, perhaps only hotel guests in the casino, bars and restaurants.
    If Lasseters don’t do something fast, I hope the NT government steps in and do something to push them!

  4. Must be worrying times ahead for smaller businesses in town not just big employers like Lasseters.
    Maybe the Alice Springs Town Council could look at deferring the rates installments to help out local businesses?

  5. More hardship for this town with desperate people trying to survive. Time the unions and government improved industrial conditions for workers.


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