Third NT COVID-19 case confirmed


A young man and a young woman, both in Darwin and returning from overseas, bring the number of confirmed Coronavirus sufferers in the NT to three.
The man in his 30s, a Territorian, who had travelled from Europe and visited various ports before arriving in Darwin early morning on March 18, had followed protocol and immediately gone into self-isolation.
Health authorities are contacting those who were in close contact during the flight he was on.
After returning he showed signs of a respiratory infection and was tested at the Pandemic Clinic yesterday. The positive test result came back this morning.
A 21-year old woman has tested positive after returning to Darwin from Utah, she travelled from Utah to San Francisco and on to Brisbane, before arriving into Darwin on Flight QF824 at midday on 19 March 2020.
She went into self-isolation immediately and was later tested at the Royal Darwin Hospital Pandemic Clinic after developing a sore throat and a cough. She is now in isolation in Royal Darwin Hospital.
People on those flights are being contacted as part of the contact tracing procedures.
This brings the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in the NT to three in total.


  1. “… on to Brisbane, before arriving into Darwin on Flight QF824 at midday on 19 March 2020 she went into self-isolation immediately and was later tested at the Royal Darwin Hospital Pandemic Clinic …”
    From midnight on Sunday, March 15, everyone entering Australia from overseas, except for flight attendants and residents of the Pacific Islands, has been required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. Failing to do so risks thousands in fines. So how did she reached Darwin unchecked?

  2. Close the NT borders, trucks and trains can come in with special conditions – deliveries only and delivery people to meet special non contact orders.
    All other people like only direct family members should be allowed in but with 21 days serious isolation.
    Time to get serious here.

  3. It’s winter months that we will see Corona Virus show its ugly head as has it done in Europe and the UK winter.
    We know this from our flu season. I see we have recorded three confirmed cases with South Australia at 42.
    I find it difficult to believe this is the actual number and that Aboriginal people have not taken this from SA back to the NT remote communities.
    In any case we will feel the full brunt of this virus in the next few months. I do not wish to be a bearer of bad news, however, forewarned is forearmed.
    For the elderly in particular who shop as they can, stop panic buying at Coles and Woolies, it unnecessary and shows a greedy and selfish mentality.

  4. I was thinking the same as Evelyne. How did this person get into Darwin?
    I suspect that there’s others who traveled similar routes and never been checked or pulled up. Those people may be walking around spreading COVID-19 now.
    Australia and in our case the NT need to get very serious about containment of Coronavirus.
    I was thinking that the NT was a fairly safe place, but I have changed my view.

  5. This lady reached Darwin because there are no checks at the airports. We cut an overseas visit short and flew into Adelaide from India.
    At inter-nationals in Adelaide we expected at least a temp check, fill in some papers as we had to in India, which seat number on the plane we sat in, where we have come from and going to and contact numbers etc.
    There was nothing.
    There were three girls in white hospital looking gear sitting at a table.
    As we approached them they just waved us through, and we caught our flight to Alice Springs. We are now in self isolation, being supported by friends, where we will remain until our 14 days have passed.


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