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CLP announces $20m Greener Safer Homes' stimulus

Sir – The CLP Opposition calls on the Labor Government to immediately boost the Territory’s struggling economy by introducing a $20m Greener Safer Homes scheme which the CLP will implement if elected in August.
It is a stimulus package that will support upwards of 5,000 homeowners to spend money on upgrades and get money flowing through our economy.
We will match homeowner spends of up to $2000 for general home improvement upgrades and up to $4000 for works that specifically enhance the environmental, energy efficiency or security credentials of a home.
The scheme recognises that Territorians want to reduce their environmental footprint and protect themselves from crime. This scheme would boost work for local Territory tradies, get the wider economy moving and enhance housing quality.
The $20m will come from the Local Jobs Fund, as a more efficient way of boosting the economy. The Jobs Fund has sat idle, so we will actually spend the money to support jobs.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro (pictured).



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