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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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A billion dollars in the Aboriginal Benefits Account? UPDATE.

UPDATE November 11, 2020 at 11.20am According to information from Minister Wyatt's office just received, as at 30 June 2020, the ABA held $1,238m (about...

Southern half of the NT: Chansey Paech is the go-to

By ERWIN CHLANDA New NT Government Minister Chansey Paech says the election has made it clear there is no majority opposition to building the national...

CLP announces $20m Greener Safer Homes' stimulus



The CLP Opposition calls on the Labor Government to immediately boost the Territory’s struggling economy by introducing a $20m Greener Safer Homes scheme which the CLP will implement if elected in August, writes Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro (pictured).

Government millions spent outside tender process



Housing usually tops the list of Aboriginal disadvantages and it gobbles up much of the Closing the Gap government spending. But the money doesn't benefit the right people. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Greens on Pine Gap: Move towards non-aligned foreign policy

p2444 Richard Di Natale SM



Greens Leader Richard Di Natale (pictured), in The Centre for his party's national conference, speaks with ERWIN CHLANDA about the US spy base in Alice Springs and what he regards as the shortcomings of public services for Indigenous people.


Dwellings starts still in slump




"Uptick" likely next year, says Neilia Humphries (pictured), of the Housing Industries Association.


Government still mainly in the 'gunna' phase

p2416 Michael Gunner SM



Michael Gunner talks in Alice Springs: Seven months into his government, no shortage of enthusiasm but work on problem solutions still have a long way to go. ERWIN CHLANDA reprots.


Big dip in housing starts




Decline turns home building into a buyers' market, writes Neilia Humphries of the Housing Industry Association Executive – NT (pictured).


Pine Gap homes to be sold from next year

p2348 Pine Gap home SM



Defence gives a partial reply to questions about the sale of Pine Gap housing. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


With no Opposition, the people will need to do the talking




"We look forward to continued and thorough consultation on key industry topics, policy and legislation," writes Neilia Ginnane (pictured), of the Housing Industry Association.


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