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Yuendumu shooting: ICAC starts independent investigation

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Ken Fleming QC (pictured) says he has received a formal report from the NT Police about the death in custody in Yuendumu on Saturday “for the purposes of independent, external oversight”.
“The ICAC has powers to investigate improper conduct, including corruption, misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct by public officers, including NT Police,” he says.
“I am very concerned about this incident. It is traumatic for the community, and the fallout will reach all corners of the NT Police.
“We are conscious of the community’s desire for an independent and thorough investigation that shines a light on the organisation as well as the actions of the officers involved.
“The ICAC intends to examine the factors which led to this situation arising, the actions and decisions of public officers from a range of agencies, and the organisational context in which these decisions were made,” says Mr Fleming in a media release.
“We anticipate that NT Police will, as a matter of urgency, provide the ICAC with full access to all available information relating to the incident in order for the ICAC to determine its legal obligations.”
The actions of the officer involved in the shooting are subject to a mandatory coronial inquest and an internal NT Police investigation, the statement notes.
“The ICAC appreciates the complexity of parallel internal and coronial investigations, as well as NT Police’s efforts in addressing concerns in the community and the wellbeing of those who have been impacted by this event.”
The statement says the ICAC requires open and unfettered access to information related to the incident in order to examine the systems and culture influencing the behaviour of those involved, including governance structures (policies and processes), training, business improvement plans, leadership and strategy.
The ICAC can publish reports and make recommendations in response to the findings of an investigation.
For the protection of those who come forward to the ICAC and for legal and operational reasons, the ICAC will not provide ongoing commentary on its investigations, says the statement.


  1. There’s a police officer on a murder charge out on bail. This ain’t right.
    He should be locked away behind bars on remand like everyone else.
    My eyes are wide open now, just when I thought I’d seen it all!
    Does this mean that a lot of people being held on remand for petty crimes or for offences a lot less than murder have the equal right of getting out from prison and out on bail?


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