Speed up road building, say cattlemen


p2333-oil-gas-Mereenie-1LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The NT Cattlemen’s Association has called on both major parties to spend road funding over much shorter timeframes to meet economic development demands in Northern Australia.
Commitments of $500m are welcomed however the 10 year allocated timeframes should be halved.
The beef industry already has to contend with rapidly deteriorating road infrastructure and this will only get worse with the added traffic of the resources sector.
Additional prime mover traffic will grow exponentially over the next five years due to the desire to develop onshore gas.
We are not just talking about the major highways but also the unsealed beef road corridors which will add economic value to the whole of the Territory through better access.
Ashley Manicaros
CEO, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association


  1. Two points:
    One answer is to stop the “Gas Development”.
    It is a fossil fuel.
    It will soon be a stranded asset.
    As usual this Territory Government is chasing last decade’s tail.
    The second point is a bit tougher.
    The beef industry is also on the way out.
    The planet cannot support it.
    That wipe out in NW Queensland is the harbinger of things to come.
    Drought followed by floods.
    The sensible thing would have have been to compensate the pastoralists and buy them out. Offer them jobs managing the land. Ferals, fires, weeds.
    I know how hard the lifestyle change would be.
    I grew up on a farm.
    But taxpayer funded “relief” is an expensive non-solution.
    As would be taxpayer funded road upgrades which would never be recouped, either by gas or beef.

  2. Australia does not need any more new roads or buildings.
    The so-called “development” will ruin the traditional country way of life by ruining the country itself.
    Do not be fooled by the word.
    This development is utter destruction in disguise.
    It is not an improvement at all.
    Build roads everywhere and there will be no more outback or bush.
    We only need to mend the old existing roads when needed.
    The over-the-capacity third-world invasion must be stopped as it is the very reason we are forced to build new roads.
    We do not want destruction.
    Leave Our Beautiful Australia alone.


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