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Grog price gouging: Fines up to $10m

Sir – This is a warning to retailers not to mislead or deceive consumers about the price of alcohol following the introduction of the NT Government’s floor price legislation.
It means a standard drink may not be sold for less than $1.30.
There has been a lot of public comment about alcoholic beverage prices, especially beer prices, increasing well beyond the floor price legislation and the increase being blamed on this legislation.
Any retailers found increasing the cost of products and blaming the minimum floor price legislation could be engaging in misleading or deceptive practices and may be in breach of the Australian Consumer Law.
Heavy penalties apply with up to $500,000 for an individual and $10m for a corporation.
If Territorians feel they are being misled or deceived, they can contact Consumer Affairs.
Sandy Otto
Acting Commissioner of Consumer Affairs


  1. We are clearly at the cross roads of Socialism and Capitalism.
    Alcohol is a legal product and should be traded in a free market.
    Supply and demand should set the price. If Consumer Affairs wants to take a stand it should be against government regulation and bureaucracy that is driving up costs.


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