Dylan Voller 'no comment' on kill list


p2418 Voller demo OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Dylan Voller today answered “no comment” to a question from the Alice Springs News Online whether he had drawn up a kill list.
National media have reported that a hand-written list, allegedly written by Mr Voller and submitted to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory, had been leaked.
The list shown had six names on it. According to the Australian Newspaper, the list was entitled “People to Kill”, and the piece of paper includes “run him over”, “slice his throat” and “stab him in the neck” as ways to allegedly bring about the deaths of the people named.
“Drop a 50kg weight on his head” and “stab him with a pencil” are also mentioned, says the Australian.
At noon today Mr Voller (in the centre of the photo above) took part in a demonstration of about 20 people, including his mother, in Alice Springs where the commission is sitting for three days.
Briefly speaking to media he said he was at the protest to support the other young people giving evidence “because everyone around the country and the world is supporting me. So it’s my turn to give back while I’ve got an open voice.”
He said he is “going good” at Bushmob, a diversionary program for young people in conflict with the law.


  1. Interesting: 20 people out of 26,000 says more about you than any amount of self promoting propaganda.
    But your handwritten death list [should it be proven to exist, would speak] volumes of your character and the gullibility of those that support you.
    [Text in Italics added by the Editor.]

  2. Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.
    Who has never said in frustration: “On of those day I will kill you”?
    Only those who are faultless have the right to pass judgment on others.

  3. Heather Wells, I agree with you.
    Why don’t we just close all the juvenile detention centres and let the unruly kids go around without taking any responsibility, face conviction and receive penalty. That will work.
    Then we can do the same with the adult prisons as well.
    People need to realise that in the past, juveniles here in the Territory have been found guilty of many, many serious offences, including arson, rape, and even murder.
    But let’s now turn a blind eye to all this and let them run free.

  4. Desert Rat, no need to go to an extreme, all that is asked is to treat people with respect, not unnecessary violence when in detention.
    Reading some comments I have the impression that some people wish the rehabilitation of Dylan to fail.
    His actions remain wrong, with no excuses, but give the kid a go.
    I do remember Giles House, the inmates were treated with respect and taken to highschool in a police van and put into the care of understanding teachers.
    The transfer to Darwin in my eyes was a total fiasco.

  5. It is great Dylan wants to turn his life around. Unless I missed something Dylan and his offsiders are pretty vocal.
    With respect, I ask where his offsiders were when he was being charged with [serious crimes]?
    He needed you then? I haven’t heard his apologies. Sure, he might have been roughly treated but so were his victims.
    Some of his victims maybe suffering PTSD and other disorders as a direct result of his crime.
    Dylan, keep out of the media and reflect on what you have done and stop playing the victim.
    You got no more than what you dished out. Start a business and donate your profits to victims of crime.
    The irony is that the only one who will be ultimately be compensated is you?

  6. I see his sister was there, I wonder if she attended her appointment at the magistrates court today?
    [ED – According to the court list, VOLLER Kirra was summonsed to appear in the local criminal court on March 13 at 10am for a plea or mention on three charges: Drive a motor vehicle while unlicensed; drive unregistered motor vehicle; drive uninsured motor vehicle.
    The reader submitted his comment on March 13, 2017. We held it until today, March 16, to allow Ms Voller the right of reply. She did not exercise it. Should we receive a reply from her we will consider its publication.]

  7. Re Evelyne Roullet: In relation to Giles House, I’m not sure what you are leading to about kids taken to highschool in a police car?
    Re Voller, if he wants the support of the local community, then he needs to seen to be trying to do the right thing. Hanging around the casino wouldn’t sit right with the majority.


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