Intruder locks out home owners


p2365-intruder-ok LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – On Saturday we returned from shopping, unloaded the car and moved in and in and out of the house.
Unfortunately we went to the back of the house without locking the front door.
My husband went to the back door and found it locked. We went round to front door, but now found that locked as well.
We broke in to our back door to find our bedroom ensuite door was also locked. When we gained access to the ensuite we found someone had used the toilet. It was a disgusting mess.
We went through our CCTV footage (the photo is taken from it) and discovered an Indigenous woman had entered, obviously locked us out, and used the ensuite.
She had been in the house for two minutes and 43 seconds and locked the doors on the way out.
Thank goodness nothing was stolen, but it was not a good feeling.
LOCK your doors at all times!
I do not use Facebook but apparently there were quite a few unlawful entries in the Lovegrove and Spicer area on the weekend.
The police knew nothing of this. Facebook does not catch these people. The police do, please call the police when this happens, don’t just put it on Facebook.
We cannot get the correct statistics or funds for fighting crime if the police know nothing about it.
Heather Krikke
Alice Springs


  1. Definitely lock your doors at all times even when your in the house.
    I have lived in Alice for 12 years and two days ago for the first time our house was invaded by a male who walked in the back door; when he was confronted and asked to leave he punched the home owner in the face and left the house; he then went to the car port and smashed a car window (the doors of the car were unlocked so why smash a window) trying to steal the car.
    The home owner again confronted the man and told him to leave which he did.
    This was an experience that was upsetting and the cause of pain and loss of earnings for the home owner.
    The day was saved by the care, efficiency and professionalism of services who responded to the call for help. To the police, ambos and staff at Alice Springs Hospital – thank you for your efficiency, care and professionalism. Cannot express our gratitude enough.


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