Industry, government working together sparked visitor boom


p2343-rex-neindorf-okBy ERWIN CHLANDA
Co-operation between the industry and the Territory government’s Tourism NT played a key role in Alice Springs’ significant upturn of earnings from visitors in 2015/16, says Rex Neindorf, owner of the iconic Reptile Centre.
He is adding his voice to comments from other industry figures.
He says grants for infrastructure improvements and promotion “helped people like us over the last couple of years”.
In addition the government spent big in its own right on advertising on TV and other media, he says.
Added to that, many international travellers avoided Africa because of fear of ebola, and Europe because of terrorist attacks: “Australia became the flavour of the year because it is a safe country,” says Mr Neindorf (at left in the photo above).
Overseas tourists enjoyed the low Aussie dollar and Aussies stayed home because their money went further.
Alice also benefitted from the Ayers Rock Resort – more than Alice a destination for backpackers – being booked out from time to time, and getting the overflow.
“Alice was doing OK simply because the former government put money into promoting it,” he says.


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