Little new in the booze plan


p2257-public-drinkers-2By ERWIN CHLANDA
Apart from a name change, more of the same seems to be the tenor of the Alice Springs Draft Alcohol Management Plan released yesterday, a year and a half in the making.
It recommends:-
• Continued enforcement of current supply restrictions.
• Point of Sale Interventions (POSIs), formerly referred to as Temporary Beat Locations (TBLs), to manage personal alcohol restrictions, such as those issued through alcohol protection orders, prohibition orders and domestic violence orders.
• Promoting Alice Springs as a harmonious community with “community connectedness and pride”.
• Improving treatment and care pathways.
• Making public areas a safe place for everyone including developing an after-hours service model for young people.
• Working with communities and town camps to ensure local alcohol management plans address issues impacting Alice Springs.
Minister for Racing, Gaming and Licensing Peter Styles and Alice Springs Mayor and Damien Ryan, chair of the Alcohol Reference Group formed in January 2014,  are calling for community feedback on the plan before November 30.


  1. What about instead of “promoting Alice Springs as a harmonious community with community connectedness and pride” taking action to build that idea into reality rather than just pretending.

  2. While promoting their image of Alice as an harmonious community with public areas being safe places for everyone, will the spruikers be using the story’s accompanying picture in their promotion campaign?


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