The town's favourite fete


It’s that day of the year again – the second Saturday in August – when the town turns out to show its support of Old Timers … and to stock up on its homemade cakes and preserves.
p2261-Old-Timers-presAt 30 seconds past 11 o’clock, the grounds of the retirement village and nursing home south of the Gap were packed, cars lining the highway rows deep for at least a kilometre.
Two beelines: one from the northern gate straight for the preserves stall; the other from the southern gate, with cakes in its sight.
Next the white elephant stall, for that thing you never knew you wanted (and probably don’t).
Then the books, for an interesting survey of the town’s reading tastes and, with luck, a bargain or two suiting your own.
p2261-Old-Timers-booksIn between, a chance to run into friends or to sit in the winter’s sun and lap up the entertainment.
All in a good cause: the fete, run entirely by volunteers, raises many tens of thousands for Old Timers each year. Its tried and true formula has lasted decades: this was its 48th year.
Old Timers was the first aged care facility in the whole of the NT, established by the Rev John Flynn in 1949.


  1. Great day and Stuart Rotary did well, we sold all of our snags and steaks. And that’s me in the background watching the town band. One of the town’s treasures. (The band, not me.)


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