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Council to build a cemetery chapel


3D sketch of the chapel, entry from north, by Susan Dugdale and Associates. 

A design for a non-denominational chapel in the grounds of the Alice Springs Cemetery was put before the Town Council for approval last night.
Cr Jade Kudrenko said she was looking for someone to “sell it” to her, as the design seemed on first impressions to be “quite cold”, even “sterile and industrial”.
Deputy Mayor Kylie Bonanni had been at the Cemetery Advisory Committee meeting when architect Susan Dugdale had presented the design. While it is “quite plain”, she said, it works with “natural light” to create its ambience. Once explained, it “sounded lovely”, said Cr Bonanni: “Ms Dugdale was quite passionate about it.”
Council’s Director of Technical Services said the average memorial service is for 50 to 60 people. The design needs to work as an intimate space for a gathering of this size while also being able to cater for the occasional larger gathering of 200 to 300. To do this bi-fold doors will open up to an outside lawn and ampitheatre (see below).
Local sandstone detailing will lend warmth to the façade, said Mr Buxton. The internal walls will be lime washed.
It was decided to ask Ms Dugdale to present the design to a full council meeting.

The total estimated cost for the chapel is $525,000, of which $512,000 is already available in the crematorium/chapel reserve. The crematorium is a future project.


– Kieran Finnane


  1. I have big respect for Ms Dugdale – her imagination is fertile! However for a chapel to be used by all denominations at their funeral services, the pictures shown on this article seem to me like a fancy toilet block in a school playground! No element of spirituality that I could detect.
    Surely S. Dugdale and Assoc. can develop something unique to Central Australia and its community. Perhaps some element of height or some curves rather than plain rectangles? But I am no architect.

  2. Are you kidding me, didn’t we learn from the mall design?
    Build something practical that does the job, and don’t blow a large portion of the budget on over design and eccentric features.
    A place to pay respect not to look at architecture. Please lead by example and use common sense with our money.

  3. I think the chapel is a good thing. I think the service clubs could do a lot to help, even some voluntary work would help.


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