Attempted car-jackings by youths – Lawrie


p1819lawriedeliaLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Locals are telling me the last few weeks have been particularly bad for youth-related crime and anti-social behaviour in Alice Springs.
There have been reports of attempted car-jackings at major intersections. In one incident a group of young people attacked a young woman in her car, attempting to drag her out the door.
Other motorists had the vehicles kicked and traffic was disrupted, putting drivers and pedestrians at risk.
On the weekend, patrons at a CBD bar were targeted by rock throwers and cars had their windscreens smashed and other damage.
Meanwhile Chief Minister Adam Giles is telling his fellow Alice residents that crime is down and isn’t a problem in Alice Springs.
The fact is the crime isn’t recorded unless someone is caught and in many instances these mostly young people are evading police.
There are also increasing reports of young people sniffing volatile substances like deodorant.
With the CLP Government cutting youth street outreach workers and other programs that worked directly with young people to keep them off the streets, it’s no wonder we are seeing more and more of this unacceptable behaviour on the streets.
Delia Lawrie
Leader of the Opposition



  1. Funny how Labour is vocal about crime now that they are in opposition.
    Crime in Alice Springs, particularly youth crime, is still a problem, and the severity goes in waves.
    Do these waves coincide with footy matches in town?
    Yet even though we are experiencing crime here, I have a good memory as do may Alice Springs residents, and when the summer of crime was in full swing, the Action for Alice group was formed as a direct result of neglect from the Labour government.
    I am not saying the CLP is doing brilliantly, but unfortunately they are the only alternative available at the moment, as going back to Labour with their history of contempt for anything outside of Darwin would be a sad day for this town.

  2. Quite so Ray – they are also absolutely mute on government policy that is destroying business in this town.
    With the LNP ignoring voter concerns, an opposition that can do nothing but grandstand on rubbish, federal politicians that totally disregard their voter base – it may be time for a class action against public servants and politicians who do not act in the interest of taxpayers.

  3. Action for Alice. Why I do remember that and so does every tourism operator. It was the group of people that rather and lobby and talk to Territory Government. They went to the national media and shamed our people and our town sending a clear message for anyone thinking about coming to our town not to. I think that Ms Lawrie is well within her right to stand up and advocate on behalf of the people of Alice Springs. Let’s face it, Adam Giles is too busy making sure Darwin doesn’t have anti-social behaviour issues.
    Let’s also face it, Law and Order will always be an interesting beast for our town. We have a unique make up, but cutting services to the youth sector is not the answer. As you said, Ray, this does come in waves. If we all recall not so long ago a few councillors we calling for additional services for young people in town …
    I am not saying the CLP OR Labor did brilliantly. Going back to Labor is the better alternative in my eyes as they were certainly more supportive with their youth services. I mean, hello, when was the last time Adam actually walked down the streets at night after a meal? That would mean that he’d need to actually spend longer than a five minute photo opportunity in town.

  4. Who could forget the wrecking ball of Action for Alice? Where are those politically motivated voices now when we are facing a similar situation with crime and antisocial behaviour?
    Are you getting your mates together, Ray, to run ads against the current government and Adam Giles, Bess Price and Matt Conlan’s failure to live up to their big promises to us (have a police call centre in Alice, more police, more investment blah blah lie lie?)
    You and groups like Action for Alice care more for the political results than getting the results for Alice Springs. Giles and his mates have sold us out and they will keep on doing so until we demand better.

  5. Youth violence and crime is on the rise elsewhere too – even in the cities where there is plenty to do.
    People need to get really tough on kids and teens who do not know how to behave.
    Parents who want everything before they start need to rethink their attitude and consider their children before their possessions. It’s a pity that children are taught about their rights before they are taught about their responsibilities.
    It’s a pity rich parents are giving their kids whatever they want to keep them quiet.
    It not only affects their kids but it can make the kids from poorer families jealous to the extent of destroying others’ property.
    Those who do need to experience the full extent of the law no matter how young or old they are.
    Pampering kids just does not work. Also kids need to be held responsible for their own actions and taught to amuse themselves without hurting others.
    It’s a process which needs to start from a very young age.
    Maybe the drivers of cars that are hijacked at intersections need to be protected.
    If a kid gets caught doing something like that it should be put on their record.
    If they land in hospital for such as that, then they need to get told that it is their fault, and the driver of the car does not get a mark against their record.
    It is time to stop pampering the kids – no matter what race colour or creed.

  6. Melanie, you missed my point.
    I have no idea what you are talking about with getting my mates together to run a series of ads.
    I was never involved with Action for Alice, I just know it was formed because the government at the time refused to sit down and listen to the concerns of local business and tourism operators.
    This refusal to listen was the reason the media was involved, because the people who lived and invested here, who cared about our town, were so desperate as the people who should have helped were not bothered.
    Remember, when Parliment was at the convention centre and the CM refused to come outside and talk to local people? Both sides of politics are at fault, if they spent half as much time sitting down to try and find a solution, as they do releasing these stupid letters (or similar ones like “Abbott Snubs Giles”) we might have half a chance.
    They are so busy tearing each other down, convincing us of how usless each other is, that they have lost sight of why they are there.
    I will be far more likely to vote for a party that concentrates on getting on with the job, even though they stumble and fall occasionally, rather than the party that sits on the sideline telling us all how hopeless they are. (Please don’t equate either side of this analogy to any particular party).
    Lou: I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you about crime. The drunken fighting near my home, the violence and filth at shopping centres, the humbug etc, is nowhere as bad as it was.
    Deliah tries to shock us with “look what happens when the CLP is in power”, some idiot kids try and drag a person from a car.
    What happened when Labour was in power? Tourists gang raped by armed assailants, Masters Games competitor brutally assaulted near Heavitree Gap. Is either a fault of the government of the day?
    No of course not, but Delia thinks we are so dumb we’ll buy it. Is this really: Who do we want to govern us?

  7. How funny is the Labor Party? We have not forgotten the mess you lot created and we will not listen to the dribble you preach.
    Those of you that would prefer to see Labor back are obviously ring-ins or from another planet.
    Yes, we still have major problems but we also see and feel that progress is being made to deal with anti social behaviour.


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