Building of Parsons Street court to start soon


p1953adamgiles2LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Construction is expected to begin before the end of the year on the new Alice Springs Supreme Court.
The Government has signed a 20 year lease for Supreme Court facilities in a brand new building on the old Commonwealth Bank site. I am thrilled to say we should see work underway before year’s end rejuvenating this important block of land in the heart of Alice Springs and pumping cash into the local economy.
The state of the art building will be constructed by local company, 19 Parsons Street Pty Ltd which is owned by local developer Michael Sitzler.
This is the first time in Central Australia that a major public facility is to be built and owned by the private sector and leased to government, showing confidence in the Alice Springs business community.
The building will be a focus of the town’s new Justice Precinct, along with the new Greatorex Police Station which will also soon be under construction.
Both buildings are among a pipeline of multi-million dollar construction projects now underway in Central Australia.
The Supreme Court is expected to cost $10 million with 95 per cent of the price tag expected to be spent in the Northern Territory.
The developers anticipate they will procure approximately 70 per cent of all project goods and services from Alice Springs suppliers and subcontractors which is great news for local businesses.”
The Supreme Court building will be mixed-use with the court occupying the ground and first floors with commercial office space on levels two and three.
The building features a spectacular glass façade, two oval shaped court rooms and associated legal office space, prisoner holding cells, interview, jury and meeting rooms, as well as a café.
It is estimated that up to 150 people, including 8 apprentices, will be employed during the construction program. The new Supreme Court facility is expected to open in 2016.

Adam Giles

Chief Minister  


  1. What about car parks? If you are going to have permanent workers plus those using the building, where are all of these people going to park?
    I work next door and the car park there is over used already by those who are not tenants or shoppers as per the car park terms.
    How can more buildings be allowed to be built when they are not addressing the already hard to find car parks in the CBD?

  2. @ Tracie Hall, Posted September 8, 2014 at 9:25 am
    Good question. Two options spring to mind. Put the cars in the basement of the new court house, or turn the now single storey city car park behind the Hartley Street school into a three storey, open-air structure.

  3. “The developers anticipate they will procure approximately 70% of all project goods and services from Alice Springs suppliers and subcontractors which is great news for local businesses.”
    Does that include the slave labour from the prison that they are using?

  4. If crime rate is dropping why do we need a new court house? The money would be better spent on creating industry and permanent work that does not need Federal money.

  5. What about just turning it into another jail? Gees, while we are at being ridiculous – has it occurred to anyone, that all Alice Springs Court is home for is local indigenous drunks and bums?
    Police and emergency services currently stretched beyond capacity – (seems to be the running joke of the century) – because the local indigenous mainly can’t keep their hands to themselves … literally.
    Why highlight what is already quite bold? Alice Springs is a breeding ground of thieves, drunks, bums of unfortunate indigenous race mainly. Why should our taxpayers dollars support this?
    Not happy, Jan!


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