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Bess Price hits back on nuke dump

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Bess Price (pictured) has rejected out of hand Labor suggestions that she may be involved in plans for a nuclear dump in her electorate of Stuart.
The government front bencher said today:  “I have not held discussions with traditional owners in my electorate about any proposal regarding the location of a nuclear waste facility.
“I have also not flown over an area of my electorate for this purpose. Any suggestion of this is completely untrue.
“I am disappointed that Gerry McCarthy would make such false allegations about my electorate and myself.
“He should check his facts before running to the media to spread lies.”
Ms Price attacked MLA Gerry McCarthy over his performance in his electorate: “He should also start to focus on the Barkly electorate and acknowledge that he left Tennant Creek and the Barkly without an economic plan when Labor lost government.
“As part of the Giles Government, we are working hard to develop plans for the Barkly’s future, without Gerry who seems content just to focus on the negative rather than the future.
“The matter of any proposed nuclear waste facility is a matter for the Federal Government.
“It is also a matter for traditional owners to discuss with the Central Land Council.”


  1. Whoever said Bessie was involved with our information discussion with Giles, you do not know what you are talking about. No, Bessie was not involved.


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