Time to hold the line on carbon.


p2141richardbentleyOKClaims that carbon pricing will crunch our economy when there is so much evidence to the contrary should be judged harshly by the electorate. Central Australia, with abundant sources of renewable energy, stands to be a significant beneficiary of carbon pricing which will encourage solar energy harvesting and carbon farming.
Following our Prime Minister on his overseas travels it was no surprise to hear him express an opinion on climate change. That he would be brazen enough to say that the world was moving away from pricing carbon pollution towards his preferred, direct action response, for me confirmed that this man has no respect for boundaries. Certainly not the ones he set for himself when he came to government.
The evidence is clearly to the contrary: China is due to embark on large carbon pricing schemes. There are active schemes in operation in California, British Columbia and nine states of NE USA. Schemes are also operating in Europe and New Zealand.
Rather than abandoning them, these jurisdictions are retaining them and refining them to ensure they meet their objectives. For example on line site Climate Progress reported that “The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a cap-and-trade system that covers nine states in America’s northeastern corner.
“This Wednesday, in an auction to distribute a portion of the permits for 2014, RGGI sold off 100 percent of the permits available for a clearing price of $5.02. That’s the highest price of any auction since the program began in 2008.”
Previously the price had drifted between a set low of $2 and $4. By reducing the cap thus lowering allowable emissions a higher price has been achieved. Interestingly the region has more vibrant economy than other parts of the USA where carbon pricing schemes have not been adopted.
In another report Climate Progress quotes a study authored by two MIT researchers and published in Energy Journal. The study found that there “were significant cost differences between approaches that aimed to limit emissions from one sector — such as electricity or transportation — and approaches that aimed to broadly cut emissions from all sectors.”
This is what a well structured carbon trading scheme does.


  1. It appears you support the removal of electricity from the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. Whilst people cut back in food to pay for power. Please explain to me how paying a carbon price does anything for our planet. If you put more effort into reading facts and not someone who’s based their lives on hating mankind and it’s foot print on this planet.
    Carbon feeds our trees and our trees turn that into oxygen. FACT. Carbon assists our food production.
    And yet persons who just fail to question and research for information follow blindly to the snake oil salesmen who scream out the sky is falling.
    The misinformation and lies about what can be achieved by introducing a carbon tax is clearly like believing you can use monopoly money to make purchases at any supplier in the world.
    Stories like this clearly written as non fiction in the view of the sheep mentality. Is clearly labelled fiction by those how dare to question and research the facts.


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