Home owners too need to clean up



Re rubbish dumped illegally: What about inside our boundaries?

What must visitors to our town think when they see our streets.

Residents blame the council (see comments on Alice Forum) but surely homeowners must take some responsibility to address the appearance of their homes.

Bruce Clifford


  1. I agree! Why aren’t all home owners AND renters held responsible for keeping premises clean and tidy?
    It’s a health hazard and caused by sheer laziness and refusal to take responsibility for personal actions!

  2. Bruce, your comment is very interesting, because in my time in the tourism industry, as business operator and tour guide, all I heard from overseas tourists how: “Alice is one of the cleanest town in the world.”
    Have you go to Europe especially France where the footpaths are littered with dogs excrements?
    In a survey conducted by Europe’s Environmental Strategy Framework division across 32 sites in Europe, hotspots of litter accumulation included shores close to populated areas, particularly beaches, highly populated cities and areas of poverty within these but also commercial areas.
    In addition they found abundant deep sea canyons where the litter originating from land has accumulated in large quantities with plastics making up the majority.
    The European Parliament reported recently that 80% of all plastic debris is made up of some eight billion plastic carrier bags being littered annually in the EU.


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