Bring back youth street workers: Paech


Alice Springs Town Councillor is starting a petition calling on the NT Government to reinstate after hours youth street workers.
Cr Chansey Paech (pictured) said while they welcomed the NT Government’s moves to increase youth camps, he was concerned at the lack of direct intervention with young people on the streets of Alice Springs.
He says: “While we welcome Minister John Elferink’s plans for youth camps and his plans in the justice sector, we are concerned about the lack of youth workers on the streets, dealing with young people and making sure they are out of harm’s way.
“The fact is the YSOS service worked. It took young people off the streets, made sure they were in a place of safety and ensured follow up services for those young people and families that needed it.
“The current approach is obviously not working and I don’t think Minister Elferink or Chief Minister Adam Giles really appreciate what is going on.
“Relying on police alone to deal with the problem we are facing in Alice Springs doesn’t work and places an extra burden on police resources that are already obviously thinly stretched.”
The petition can be found at: on facebook and at various outlets in town. – Media release.


  1. Mr Paech, you are wasted on council. As a business owner, and previous CLP supporter I continue to watch you with interest.
    Your political maturity is balanced (from ego perspective – rare) and you have a keen sense for the issues. What you MAY NOT realise is that it’s people like myself who have consideration to donate to your cause should you step up at the next general election.
    Frankly at this point, I don’t care if it’s Labor (as someone said is your preference) or as independent, Alice needs passion and vision above party colour at this point in time.
    Alice needs vibrant, young new people to represent them. People who can see past the election cycle. People who have the maturity to know and promote what has worked in the past from both sides of politics and practically implement them for physical, tangible results.
    In closing, one also needs to be realistic. There would be only two possible seats that are failing the electorates miserably for you to challenge. The one that is actually getting on with it and producing well for the people is Robyn Lambley. You’d be a fool and your efforts wasted to challenge her. Keep striving, people are watching and talking.

  2. I wish Cr Paech all good luck in bringing youth workers back to Alice.
    From my vantage point in The Gap, I have watched the ebb and flow of kids roaming the streets around here over the course of almost two decades. What is beyond debate is that when the Gap Youth Centre is running strong, energy is spent there rather than on the streets.
    I have no doubt other neighbourhoods could tell a similar story.
    We need dedicated youth workers. The NT Police are not the answer to dealing with juveniles, or at least not the only answer, and probably not the primary answer either.
    If he hasn’t done so already, I suggest Cr Paech visit MLA Lambley. Of our three local members, she is the only one who seems to be well focused.

  3. I contacted the Mayor, Chief Minister and other NT Ministers with a proposal to open a Youth Training and Development Centre.
    According to Minister Elferink there are enough centres to deal with the youth on the streets.
    Well, excuse me, but having read with interest the amount of crime in Alice Springs? Our centre was to open until very late seven days per week.
    I have a page called Youth Development and Training Centre, and believe this could be a great prospect, with youth workers involved and health workers. Russell Bray and myself would be running the centre, but having fully qualified staff to help out.
    Please check out our prospectus and lobby the government to make this happen.


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